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Wang Yi Holds Talks with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj of India

On August 13, 2016, Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj of India in New Delhi.

Wang Yi spoke positively of the present development of China-India relationship and expressed that bilateral relations have made significant, comprehensive and important progress in recent years under joint efforts. Leaders of both countries maintain close mutual visits and meetings and the number of inter-governmental dialogue mechanisms between the two countries is gradually increasing with their quality improving. The economic complementarity between both countries has been further developed, forging a cooperation pattern featuring mutual benefit and win-win results. People of the two countries have enhanced mutual understanding and friendship through economic and trade contacts, cultural exchanges, local cooperation and other forms. The two sides have strengthened strategic dialogues on climate change, global governance and other major international issues, safeguarding the common interests of emerging markets and developing countries.

Wang Yi said that China and India are strategic partners. China is willing to, together with India, grasp the general direction of the development of bilateral relations, establish a closer development partnership and comprehensively expand practical cooperation in various fields. In particular, both sides should strengthen mutual support, ensure the success of the G20 Hangzhou Summit and the Goa meeting of BRICS leaders and elevate the statuses and roles of emerging economies in global governance. The two sides should strengthen mutual visit and consultation mechanisms between counterpart departments, promote railway cooperation and industrial park construction, upgrade the level of cooperation in defense and security, and strengthen cooperation in fighting against terrorism and extremist. Both countries should also expand people-to-people and cultural exchanges in education, tourism and other areas, support both local governments to conduct more extensive communication and well safeguard the common interests of both countries and developing countries on the international stage. Wang Yi stressed that the common interests are much greater than divergences between China and India, and the demand for cooperation far exceeds competition. It is believed that the two sides can properly handle the development direction of bilateral relations, never allow specific differences to affect the overall bilateral friendship and not let individual problems hold back the steps of bilateral cooperation.

Sushma Swaraj said that hopeful for the future development of India-China relations, India has taken such measures as promoting bilateral exchanges and welcoming Chinese enterprises to invest in India in order to advance the in-depth development of bilateral relations. The two sides have maintained sound coordination in regional and international issues. India firmly believes the great importance of India-China relations and is willing to expand common interests, properly handle divergences with patience and strengthen people-to-people and cultural exchanges in education, youth and other areas so as to continuously inject new impetus into bilateral cooperation.

Both sides also exchanged views on some specific issues in the exchanges between the two countries as well as international and regional issues of common concern including the Korean Peninsula issue and the UK's exit from the EU.

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