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Foreign Minister of Uganda Hails China as the Most Reliable Partner of Africa

On August 11, 2016, when jointly meeting the press with Foreign Minster Wang Yi after holding talks, Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa of Uganda expressed that China and Uganda have fought side by side for national independence and emancipation, forming a solid traditional friendship. And now, China is an important supporter of Uganda to achieve industrialization and Uganda Vision 2040. The hydropower station, highways, the backbone network of national information communication, airport extension and other infrastructure construction in Uganda are all achievements under China’s assistance, playing a significant role in Uganda’s economic and social development. Uganda deeply feels that China is the most reliable partner of the country and Africa.

Sam Kutesa stressed that China is essentially different from western countries when cooperating with Africa. China always supports and assists Africa in finding its own solutions rather than imposing proposals to Africa like certain western countries. China believes that poverty elimination is the key to avoiding conflicts and crisis, therefore, it is dedicated to enhancing friendly exchanges in Africa and helping Africa truly realize sustainable development.

Sam Kutesa also reiterated that Uganda firmly supports the Ezulwini consensus on the UN Security Council reform, which is also the common stance of the African Union. Meanwhile, understanding and supporting Africa, China proposes to firstly rectify the historical injustices endured by African countries. Africa and China are truly good brothers and good friends.

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