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Wang Yi Attends ASEAN Plus Three (10+3) Foreign Ministers' Meeting

On July 26, 2016 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the ASEAN Plus Three, namely China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK), or the "10+3" Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Vientiane, Laos.

Wang Yi expressed that the ASEAN Plus Three cooperation has become one of the most mature mechanisms in East Asian regional cooperation, and has occupied an important position in the Asian and even global political and economic landscapes. As a major channel for East Asian cooperation, the "10+3" cooperation offers a solid support for the economic integration process in East Asia and plays an important role in enhancing understanding, deepening cooperation and coping with challenges for all countries. Under current international situation, it is of great significance to maintain the development momentum of East Asian cooperation. All sides should stick to the integration path that conforms to regional reality, adhere to the principle of accommodating the comfort level of all sides, and persist in making the integration process benefit all parties, so as to make sure that the construction of the East Asian Economic Community always stays on a healthy, stable and sustainable path.

Wang Yi pointed out that we should focus on handling several sets of relationships. Firstly, we should properly deal with the relationship between the "10+3" and other regional cooperative mechanisms. Each mechanism can highlight its features, coordinate and develop with each other, and form synergy so as to make positive contributions to regional integration. Secondly, we should properly manage the relationship between the "10" and the "3", namely between ASEAN countries and China, Japan and the ROK. The "10+3" cooperation should always be led by the ASEAN and support the construction of the ASEAN Community. Thirdly, we should properly cope with the relationship between traditional advantageous areas and new areas. At present, the "10+3" cooperation is entering the plateau phase with few "ripe fruits" left. We should actively expand new areas for cooperation and promote the comprehensive and balanced development of practical cooperation in all fields. In the next step, the "10+3" countries should focus on strengthening financial security cooperation, deepening trade and investment cooperation, bolstering agriculture and poverty-reduction cooperation, boosting connectivity construction, conducting international production capacity cooperation and enhancing social as well as people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

Wang Yi noted that at present, the "10+3" mechanism is at the key stage of deepening development. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the "10+3" cooperation. China proposes to hold commemorative activities on this occasion to review the history of the "10+3" cooperation, and plan the development direction of the mechanism. China is always an active participant and promoter for East Asian cooperation. China is willing to make joint efforts with all sides to elevate the "10+3" cooperation to a new height and a higher level, and make greater contributions to safeguarding regional peace, stability and development.

Foreign Ministers of ASEAN countries spoke positively of the results achieved in the "10+3" cooperation and affirmed the importance of the "10+3" mechanism in promoting the East Asian integration process. It is hoped that China, Japan and the ROK can continue to increase inputs, share experience and help the ASEAN narrow the development gap, so as to realize common prosperity. It is hoped that the "10+3" Leaders' Meeting in Vientiane this September can yield more practical achievements, further deepen cooperation in economy, culture, education and other areas, and cope with non-traditional security threats including terrorism more effectively. Foreign Ministers of Japan and the ROK both voiced their support to the construction of the ASEAN Community and the leading position of the ASEAN in regional cooperation. They also hope to host the Trilateral Leaders' Meeting of China, Japan and the ROK this year.

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