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Wang Yi Meets with Secretary of State John Kerry of the US

On July 25, 2016 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Secretary of State John Kerry of the US when attending the series of Foreign Ministers' meetings on East Asian cooperation in Vientiane, Laos.

Wang Yi expressed that with the joint efforts of both sides, the China-US relations have maintained a momentum of development. At the end of March, President Xi Jinping and President Barack Obama had a successful meeting during the Nuclear Security Summit held in Washington DC, charting the course for the development of China-US relations. A series of important China-US institutional dialogues and consultations have achieved positive results in succession and the two countries are deepening cooperation in a wide range of fields. Given the major power status of both China and the US, there are inevitably some divergences between the two nations. Nevertheless, currently both sides share much more common interests and enjoy much greater strategic value of cooperation than ever before. Moreover, the two nations are also in greater need of judging the strategic intentions of each other in an objective manner. In this regard, both sides should firmly adhere to the overall direction of China-US relations, properly handle and control conflicts and divergences in constructive manners. For the next period of time, both countries should enhance coordination and well prepare for the important meeting between the two heads of state during the G20 Hangzhou Summit, which is of great significance for ensuring the sustained, healthy and stable growth of China-US relations and promoting peace, stability, and prosperity of the world.

John Kerry stated that the US-China relations are the most influential bilateral relations on the world stage. With close communication between the leaders, the two countries have carried out sound cooperation on the Iranian nuclear issue, anti-terrorism, climate change and many other important agendas. President Barack Obama is looking forward to attending the G20 Hangzhou Summit in China this September and he believes that the summit will be a success. The US is willing to strengthen communication with China, properly manage and control divergences with cooperation and pass on a sound US-China relationship to the next US administration.

Wang Yi also elaborated on China's principled stance over the South China Sea issue. He said that the Chinese and ASEAN foreign ministers issued a joint statement on full and effective implementation of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) today, which indicates that the settlement of the South China Sea issue still requires a return to the correct track of dialogue and consultations between the parties directly concerned. It is hoped that the US could take concrete actions to support the resumption of dialogues between China and the Philippines and the efforts of China and the ASEAN to maintain regional peace. John Kerry welcomed the joint statement issued by China and the ASEAN, expressing that the US takes no position on the award of South China Sea arbitration, supports China and the Philippines to resume dialogues and turn over the page of the South China Sea arbitration as soon as possible and cool down the situation in the South China Sea.

Both sides also exchanged views on issues including the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the Syrian issue.

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