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Wang Yi Meets with Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan

On July 25, 2016 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met at request with Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan when attending a series of Foreign Ministers’ meetings on East Asian cooperation in Vientiane of Laos.

Wang Yi said that the current China-Japan relations, with prominent weakness and sensitivity, do not seem satisfactory. Since a series of political and diplomatic plans on China-Japan relations are arranged for the second half of this year, it is hoped that Japan can create favorable conditions for the improvement of bilateral relations by taking practical actions, safeguarding the political foundation laid in the four political documents between China and Japan, implementing the four-point principled agreement and assisting China to well host the G20 Summit.

Wang Yi reiterated China’s relevant stance on the South China Sea issue and emphasized that Japan is not a country concerned in the South China Sea disputes. Now that China and the ASEAN have issued the joint statement to pull the South China Sea issue back to the correct track of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, if Japan continues to conduct high-profile intervention in and deliberately hype up the issue, what can be proven is that Japan has ulterior motivations. As for the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, there was no problem in this regard in the past and will not have any in the future. China will be the first to staunchly preserve the freedom of navigation. Wang Yi advised Japan to speak and act cautiously and not to make the same mistake again and again.

Fumio Kishida said that Japan and China have kept high-level contacts in recent years. Japan is willing to make joint efforts with China to enhance high-level exchanges, expand cooperation in economy, anti-terrorism and other areas, and deal with differences appropriately, thus improving peoples’ affections towards each other and building up the Japan-China relations in the new era. Japan is ready to collaborate with China to well host the G20 Hangzhou Summit this year.

The two sides also exchanged views on cooperation among China, Japan and the Republic of Korea and the Korean Peninsula situation.

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