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Wang Yi: Hold the Key of Regional Peace and Stability in Our Own Hands

On July 25, 2016 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the China-ASEAN (10+1) Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Vientiane, Laos.

Wang Yi expressed that looking around the world, many regions suffer from unstable and volatile situation. One of the root causes for such chaos is external interference. Forces outside the region can pull back from the disordered region, but we have nowhere to go and we have to face and deal with all kinds of after-effects. The Southeast Asian region is our common homeland. Years of stability and development in the region do not come easily. Under the joint efforts and hard work of all countries in the region, we have safeguarded peace and realized development. We can neither let local issues blind ourselves nor let any scheme of disrupting the region have its way. We should hold the key of promoting regional peace and stability in our own hands. We are also willing to maintain an open and inclusive attitude as it should be and welcome all countries with a positive willingness to play a constructive role in regional peace and development.

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