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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Holds Briefing for Chinese and Foreign Media on Premier Li Keqiang's Official Visit to Mongolia and Attendance at the 11th ASEM Summit

On July 11, 2016, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a briefing for Chinese and foreign media on Premier Li Keqiang's official visit to Mongolia and attendance at the 11th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit. Assistant Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou introduced relevant situation and answered questions from journalists.

I. On Visit to Mongolia

Kong Xuanyou expressed that Mongolia is an important close neighbor near northern China. At present, bilateral relations enjoy sound development in general with frequent high-level exchanges and close economic and trade cooperation as well as personnel exchanges. During President Xi Jinping's visit to Mongolia in 2014, both sides established a comprehensive strategic partnership. China has become the largest trade partner and investment country of Mongolia for over ten consecutive years. The number of annual mutual visits between both citizens has exceeded 1.3 million so far. The two countries also maintain sound communication and cooperation in international and regional affairs.

This is the first visit of Premier Li Keqiang to Mongolia in 6 years. Mongolia held parliamentary election at the end of last month and the new government has just formed. This is also the first visit of a Chinese leader to the country since the establishment of the new Mongolian government, which has great significance for further planning the development direction of bilateral relations, enhancing political mutual trust between the two countries, elevating bilateral cooperation level and deepening China-Mongolia comprehensive strategic partnership.

Kong Xuanyou introduced that Premier Li Keqiang will exchange in-depth views on promoting the development of China-Mongolia relations, enhancing bilateral political mutual trust, deepening practical cooperation in various fields and others with Mongolian leaders. Both sides will mainly advance the strategic docking of China's "Belt and Road" initiative and Mongolia's "Prairie Road" initiative, boost China-Mongolia cooperation in economic and trade major projects as well as production capacity, step up bilateral practical cooperation in such areas as energy, infrastructure, finance, agriculture and animal husbandry, promote people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries and exchange views on international and regional issues of common concern. Both sides will also sign several important cooperation agreements covering economy, trade, energy, infrastructure, finance, tackling climate change, media communication and other fields, which will further enrich the connotation of bilateral relations. It is believed that the visit will inject new impetus to the development of China-Mongolia relations, better benefit the two countries and the two peoples and make positive contribution to regional peace, development and prosperity.

II. On Attendance at the 11th ASEM Summit

Kong Xuanyou expressed that the ASEM is an important cross-regional and inter-governmental forum between Asia and Europe. With continuously expanding scale and influence since its founding 20 years ago, the ASEM plays an important role in promoting political dialogues, economic and trade cooperation, social and cultural exchanges as well as other aspects among all ASEM members. The theme of this ASEM Summit is "20 years of ASEM: Partnership for the Future through Connectivity". Attending leaders will review the 20-year-long course of the ASEM, draw blueprint for the future, deeply discuss to enhance Asia-Europe partnership through strengthening connectivity cooperation and exchange views on international and regional issues of common concern.

China is an active advocator and important driving force of ASEM courses. As a founding member of the ASEM, China have sent Premiers to attend all previous ASEM Summits and proposed altogether 28 initiatives on Asia-Europe cooperation, covering practical cooperation in areas such as connectivity, scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, sustainable development, facilitation of economy, trade and investment, new-type of urbanization, and the disabled. China expects this ASEM Summit to strive for positive results by focusing on the theme of cooperation and through joint efforts of all sides in Asia and Europe. China believes that all countries in Asia and Europe should consolidate the cooperation foundation by reiterating basic principles including equal treatment, mutual respect, consensus through negotiation and non-interference in internal affairs. All countries should build the sense of community, actively strengthen policy communication, search for convergence of interest, pool cooperation consensus, actively dovetail development strategies, development advantages and development demands, and take new measures, especially in economic and trade cooperation and connectivity cooperation, so as to enhance cooperation level. All countries need to jointly seize the historic opportunity, conduct in-depth discussion on cooperation form, mechanism construction and others, and add impetus to cooperation.

Kong Xuanyou introduced that Premier Li Keqiang will put forward views on the 20-year-long course and future development of the ASEM during the summit, expound China's expectation and propositions on improving Asia-Europe cooperation under the new situation, introduce China's initiatives and measures to support Asia-Europe practical cooperation and voice opinions on major international and regional hotspot issues. In addition, Premier Li Keqiang will also hold bilateral meetings with some attending state leaders and exchange views on bilateral relations, Asia-Europe cooperation and other topics of common interests. Premier Li Keqiang's attendance this time will make important contribution to promoting dialogues and cooperation between Asia and Europe and advancing bilateral relations between China and relevant countries.

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