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Liu Yandong Attends China-Russia Summit of University Presidents

On July 5, 2016 local time, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets of Russia, Vice Premier Liu Yandong attended the China-Russia Summit of University Presidents held at Moscow State University in Russia, and delivered a speech entitled "Deepen University Cooperation and Embrace a Bright Future".

Liu Yandong stated that it is of great significance for the China-Russia Summit of University Presidents to bring together presidents of over 200 universities from both countries to jointly discuss the "Strategy of Educational and Scientific Cooperation between China and Russia". Universities always play a leading role in people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and Russia. The continuous expansion of China-Russia university coalition, the growing two-way student mobility and the in-depth promotion of collaboration in running schools have built up emotional connections and laid solid public opinion foundation for bilateral practical cooperation. Currently, both China and Russia are in the critical period of reform and development and are confronted with the arduous tasks of transferring approaches and adjusting structure. Russia has maintained a world-class level in science and technology, education, culture and other aspects. With adherence to prioritizing education development, China is deepening the comprehensive reform of education and striving to improve the innovation capability of universities. With their own distinctive features and advantages, higher education of both countries enjoys sound foundation and great potential for cooperation.

Liu Yandong put forward four expectations for university cooperation between China and Russia. First, universities should identify the correct position, comply with the trend, actively serve the strategic docking and major demands of both countries, lead discipline construction and scientific research layout, and provide think tank consultation and technological support. Second, universities should further deepen cooperation in joint talent cultivation, mutual training and sharing of teacher resources, joint construction of research team, mutually beneficial system and mechanism and sharing in achievement information, so as to elevate the comprehensive strength and global competence of universities. Third, universities should set up more and broader cooperation platforms, innovate cooperation modes, integrate quality educational resource for joint school running, create a school running model with distinctive features of China-Russia cooperation and promote such model. Fourth, universities should cultivate outstanding talents with both integrity and capability, enhance student exchanges and mutual visits, and guide young students to become the staunch defender and active practitioner of the friendship between China and Russia from generation to generation.

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