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Liu Yandong Meets With Governor of Irkutsk Oblast Sergei Levchenko of Russia

On July 6, 2016 local time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong met in Irkutsk, Russia with Governor of Irkutsk Oblast Sergei Levchenko of Russia.

Liu Yandong first conveyed sympathy over the death of multiple crew members killed in the recent crash of an Ilyushin II-76 cargo plane on a mission to fight forest fires in Irkutsk Oblast, and expressed deep condolences to the victims.

Liu Yandong expressed that China-Russia relations are in the best period in history. China is actively promoting the "Belt and Road" construction, and the Russian government is also stepping up the development of the Far East and the Siberian regions, which provides good conditions and opportunities for both sides to deepen practical cooperation, especially local cooperation. The two sides should make full use of such mechanisms as regular meetings between Chinese and Russian local leaders, local and regional cooperation, sister province/state as well as sister city, strengthen the alignment of bilateral regional development plans, expand the scale of cooperation, lift the level of cooperation, and assist and reinforce each other, so as to achieve common development. With abundant natural resources and geographical closeness to China, Irkutsk Oblast has relatively greater advantages in developing cooperation with China. China will continue to support relevant provinces and cities in conducting practical cooperation with Irkutsk in areas such as infrastructure construction and investment, as well as strengthening people-to-people and cultural cooperation in tourism, education, culture, youth and other areas.

Sergei Levchenko warmly welcomed the visit of the delegation led by Vice Premier Liu Yandong, and expressed that Irkutsk Oblast has benefited from the sound development of Russia-China relations. In recent years, its cooperation with Chinese provinces and cities has achieved considerable development. As China is the largest investor and source of tourists of Irkustsk Oblast, its cooperation with China has promoted local economic development and is welcomed by local government and people. Irkutsk Oblast attaches great importance to its cooperation with China and hopes that bilateral cooperation in areas such as trade, investment, tourism, culture and education can be strengthened.

On that day, Liu Yandong, accompanied by Sergei Levchenko and First Deputy Minister of Education and Science Natalia Teletyak of Russia, watched the joint performance by China Philharmonic Orchestra, China Broadcast Children's Choir and Irkutsk Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Good-Neighborly and Friendly Cooperation Between China and Russia and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of China-Russia strategic partnership of coordination.

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