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Liu Yandong Delivers Speech at Institut de France

On June 30, 2016 local time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong delivered a speech entitled "Deepen China-France Innovation Cooperation and Promote Civilization Exchanges and Mutual Learning" at Institut de France.

Liu Yandong expressed that with a long history and dense atmosphere of academics, the Institut de France is a symbol of the French civilization and has made remarkable achievements. Pioneer spirit is inherited in the cultural genes of the two great nations of China and France. Under joint efforts of both sides, China-France relations have created many "firsts" in the world, showcasing the courage of the two great nations and expanding broader prospect of China-France relations. Since the initiation of the China-France High-level People-to-People and Cultural Exchange Mechanism, people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries have experienced unprecedented range, depth and popularity. China-France technology cooperation is a reflection of bilateral people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

Liu Yandong pointed out that facing a new transition at present, China's economic development is entering the new normal of speed change, structure optimization and driver transformation. Meanwhile, it is also facing the "growing pains" and agony of transition. These have made us realize that China is still a developing country and it takes a long way to bring modernization to the 1.3 billion people. The building of a comprehensive well-off society and the development with better quality, efficiency, fairness and sustainability must be supported and guided by science and technology. Attaching high importance to the fundamental supporting role of scientific and technological innovation, the Chinese government will boost innovation capability, deepen the reform of scientific and technological system, strengthen talent cultivation and gathering, and promote its comprehensive integration into the global innovation network. It is believed that the process of China's modernization will not only benefit the 1.3 billion Chinese people, but also the 7 billion global population.

Liu Yandong expressed that the Chinese dream is an opportunity for France, and the French dream is also an opportunity for China. We should cooperate with each other and translate these opportunities into the reality that benefits the two peoples as well as world peace and prosperity. To this end, I'd like to propose a four-point initiative. Firstly, we should establish a high-level think-tank communication mechanism to share experience, inspire ideas and explore solutions to hot-spot and difficult issues of the two countries and even the world at large. Secondly, we should forge a joint platform for development and research to facilitate the implementation of a batch of major strategic projects and push for more products made by both countries with high-tech values. Thirdly, we should advance talents cooperation and cultivation projects and strengthen cooperation in running schools. The two countries should also encourage and support the development of overseas education of both countries and support the joint cultivation of high-level talents between universities, technological institutions and innovative enterprises. We should also enhance cooperation in elite education areas with French characteristics such as engineering education, business studies and management education. Fourthly, we should enrich the forms of cross-cultural communication, encourage more young people to study and work in a cross-cultural environment, strengthen cooperation in creative cultural industries, and add historical elements of both sides into the development of art and industry. It is hoped that the Institut de France could further give play to its academic advantage and play a leading role to contribute its strengths to the promotion of cultural exchanges and mutual learning and improvement of people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

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