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Liu Yandong Meets with Young Ambassadors of China-France Friendship

On June 30, 2016 local time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong, who was visiting France to host the 3rd meeting of the China-France High-Level People-to-People and Cultural Exchange Mechanism, attended in Paris the meeting with young ambassadors of China-France friendship, where she met kindly with almost 100 Chinese and French youth representatives from various circles.

Liu Yandong expressed in her speech that youth exchanges are always the pioneer and fresh force for people-to-people and cultural exchanges. Chinese and French youths have left a thick and heavy stroke in the scroll of bilateral friendship. It is the participation and efforts of generations of youths that have invigorated and enlivened the great cause of China-France friendship.

Liu Yandong noted that the root of China-France friendship lies in the people and its future relies on the youth. Full of vigor and dreams, young people are easy to communicate and understand. She encourages youth representatives of both countries to proactively assume the historic responsibility, act as ambassadors of China-France friendship, join hands and contribute youth power to open up a new era of close and sustained China-France comprehensive strategic partnership with great confidence.

Former Prime Minister of France Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who is President of the Foundation for Innovation and Future Technologies, expressed that France-China relations are based not only on the profound bilateral friendship, but also on the respect for both cultures and peoples. Both sides should continue to expand exchanges between youths in the spirit of mutual respect.

Leaders of both China and France have always attached great attention to youth exchanges. In 2015, the youth area was officially incorporated in the China-France High-Level People-to-People and Cultural Exchange Mechanism. Co-hosted by All-China Youth Federation and Foundation for Innovation and Future Technologies, this event aims at further enhancing exchanges, understanding and friendship between Chinese and French young leaders and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of bilateral relations. Attending youth representatives included representatives who have participated in China-France youth exchange programs, exceptional Chinese youths who work or study in France and friendly personages to China from all walks of life who have offered enormous support to bilateral youth exchanges.

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