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Liu Yandong Attends and Addresses China-France Higher Education Forum

On June 30, 2016 local time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong attended the China-France Higher Education Forum with focus on "University and Engineering Education" at Paris Descartes University, and delivered a speech entitled "Deepen Higher Education Cooperation and Jointly Build a Bright Future for China and France".

Liu Yandong expressed that China and France enjoy long-standing cooperation in education with profound foundation, which has played an irreplaceable role in promoting China-France friendship. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries 52 years ago, bilateral education cooperation has presented an unprecedented development trend from student exchanges to cooperation in running schools, from academic exchanges to collaboration in scientific research, in which engineering education is one of the most active and fruitful areas of China-France education cooperation.

Liu Yandong pointed out that 30 days ago, China’s National Conference on Science and Technology Innovation made systematic arrangements to accelerate the process of building China into an innovative country as well as a scientific and technology power in the world. We place innovation as the core of national overall development, regard it as the foremost impetus that leads development, treat talents as the primary supporting resource for development, and view opening up as the only path to development. China's innovation and development not only benefit its own people, but will certainly bring new opportunities for China-France practical cooperation in various fields. Both sides should seize the opportunity and work together to promote China-France cooperation in innovation and education to achieve new progress.

Liu Yandong put forward 4 expectations. First, China and France should enhance cooperation in running schools, deepen cultivation cooperation in outstanding engineers and technical and skilled talents, and promote in-depth cooperation in higher education and innovation in talents training mode. Second, both sides should lead the innovative trend in respective country and strengthen practical cooperation in hotspot and major areas of innovation cooperation such as energy, resource, aviation, aerospace, information communication, energy conservation and environment protection, genetic engineering, and agriculture, so as to push for the in-depth integration of industry, university and research. Third, the two countries should expand channels of international cooperation, deepen communication and cooperation in the certification system of international engineering education and build a new engineering education system that fits the new trend of scientific and technological development and promotes the sustainable development of human society. Fourth, the two sides should assist the growth and development of youths, and develop their international horizons, cooperation consciousness and inclusive spirit. China will provide at least 500 scholarships each year in the next 5 years, and sponsor Chinese engineering talents to study in France.

Liu Yandong expressed that innovation is the impetus of civilization progress, and cooperation is the bridge leading to the future. It is hoped that both China and France could work together to open a bright future for engineering education of both countries, so as to inject new vitality to build a close and everlasting China-France comprehensive strategic partnership.

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