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Xi Jinping Meets with Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn of ROK

On June 29, 2016, President Xi Jinping met at the Great Hall of the People with Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn of the Republic of Korea (ROK).

Xi Jinping welcomed Hwang Kyo-ahn's visit to China and attendance at the Summer Davos Forum. He pointed out that at present, China-ROK relations still maintain a momentum of development. Bilateral strategic cooperative partnership has been constantly deepening and the positive effect of the free trade agreement is manifesting. Personnel exchanges between the two countries have entered the era of "10 million plus" and the two countries maintain close communication and coordination in international affairs. It is hoped that both sides can earnestly implement the various consensus reached between President Park Geun-hye and I so as to continuously push for positive progress in bilateral relations.

Xi Jinping asked Hwang Kyo-ahn to convey his warm greetings to President Park Geun-hye, and stressed that China and the ROK should stick to the leading role of high-level interactions and chart course for bilateral relations. Both sides should strengthen communication between governments, legislative bodies, political parties and other channels, well utilize various institutional strategic dialogues between the two countries, constantly deepen political mutual trust, and give play to the engine role of practical cooperation so as to inject impetus into the development of bilateral relations. It is hoped that both sides can advance the docking of China's "Belt and Road" initiative and the "Eurasia initiative" of the ROK as well as other national development strategies, forge cooperation highlights, well implement China-ROK Free Trade Agreement and deepen fiscal and financial cooperation. The two countries should consolidate the linking role of people-to-people and cultural exchanges in order to cement the foundation for the development of bilateral relations. The Chinese side supports the ROK to host various events in the ROK Tourism Year this year. It is hoped that both countries can well carry out the series of exchange and cooperation projects so as to set up the stage and pave the way for China-ROK people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

Xi Jinping pointed out that China and the ROK should continue to be devoted to realizing denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, jointly safeguarding peace and stability on the Peninsula, and striving for settlement through dialogue and consultation among all parties. It is hoped that the ROK can pay attention to China's reasonable security concern, and prudently and properly deal with possible deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile defense system in the ROK by the US.

Hwang Kyo-ahn conveyed sincere regards from Park Geun-hye to Xi Jinping. Hwang Kyo-ahn noted that under the personal guidance of President Park Geun-hye and President Xi Jinping, ROK-China relations have achieved rapid development in recent years. The ROK is willing to maintain close bilateral high-level exchanges, build closer economic connection on the basis of the ROK-China Free Trade Agreement framework, dovetail the ROK's "Eurasia initiative" with the "Belt and Road" construction, strengthen cooperation within the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and advance people-to-people and cultural exchanges in youth and other areas. The ROK stands ready to make joint efforts with China to fully fit cooperation results from various areas into the development level of bilateral relations. The ROK hopes to maintain close communication with China on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and other issues.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi and others attended the meeting.

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