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Xi Jinping Highlights Positive Results of "Belt and Road" Construction in Various Aspects When Delivering a Speech at Legislative Chamber of the Supreme Assembly of Uzbekistan

On June 22, 2016 local time, when delivering a speech at the Legislative Chamber of the Supreme Assembly of Uzbekistan, President Xi Jinping stressed that the building of the “Belt and Road” has achieved positive results in various aspects. So far, more than 70 countries and international organizations have actively participated in the “Belt and Road” construction. China has formulated and issued the document on vision and actions on jointly building the “Belt and Road”, as well as signed cooperative agreements on jointly building the “Belt and Road” with over 30 countries. China has signed production capacity cooperation agreements with 20 countries, and built 46 overseas cooperative zones together with 17 countries along the “Belt and Road”. Chinese enterprises have invested over 14 billion USD in total and created 60,000 employment opportunities. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is in official operation with 57 countries actively taking part in it. The Silk Road Fund, China-Eurasia Economic Cooperation Fund and other funds were successfully established. In 2015, the trade volume between China and participating countries of the “Belt and Road” surpassed 1 trillion USD, accounting for 25 percent of China’s total foreign trade volume. Chinese enterprises’ direct investment in the 49 countries along the “Belt and Road” was nearly 15 billion USD, showing an 18-percent year-on-year growth. The investment of participating countries of the “Belt and Road” in China exceeded 8.2 billion USD, increasing by 25 percent year on year. The “Belt and Road” construction has already accomplished its preliminary planning and arrangement and is now striding forward to the phase of in-depth, intensive, and sustained development.

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