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Li Keqiang and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany Jointly Meet the Press

At noon on June 13, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany jointly met the press and answered questions at the Great Hall of the People.

Li Keqiang briefed on the talks between him and Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as results of the 4th round of the China-Germany inter-governmental consultation. He expressed that China-Germany inter-governmental consultation has become a "super engine" for promoting the development of bilateral relations. The two sides agreed to continue to, in the spirit of "forging innovation", consolidate political mutual trust, deepen cooperation in such fields as trade, investment and finance, and actively carry out cooperation in third-party market, intelligent manufacturing, entrepreneurship and innovation and other areas, so as to forge a new engine for China-Germany cooperation. The two sides will treat each other with sincerity, meet each other halfway, continuously synergize consensus and expand common interests, uplifting China-Germany all-round strategic partnership to a new high, and creating a favorable environment for global economic recovery and practical cooperation between the two countries.

While answering the question concerning the EU fulfilling its commitments stated in Article 15 of the Protocol on the Accession of China to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Li Keqiang pointed out that obligation fulfillment is the core of this issue. China has fully implemented its commitment upon the entry of the WTO, and the EU and relevant parties should also fulfill their commitments. It is believed that China and the EU can deal with this issue with wisdom, so as to help China-EU practical cooperation move forward along the path of steady development.

While answering the question concerning mergers and acquisitions launched by Chinese enterprises in Germany, Li Keqiang said that both China and Germany hold a supportive and open attitude toward mutually beneficial cooperation conducted by enterprises of the two countries within the legal framework and in accordance with market principles and international conventions. The development of China is a process of constantly opening to the outside world, and we will adopt various measures to increase the level of openness so as to create an investment environment featuring equal treatment, openness, transparency and attractiveness for domestic and foreign investors including German enterprises. We support Chinese companies in joining hands with their German partners to expand the international market together, so as to realize mutual benefits and win-win results in wider fields.

Angela Merkel noted that this round of Germany-China inter-governmental consultation has achieved positive results. Supporting China to continue playing an active role in international affairs, the German side is willing to make concerted efforts with China to expand third-party market cooperation as well as other new growth points in bilateral relations and to handle differences properly so as to create a sound environment for both companies to expand mutual investment and realize mutual benefit and win-win results. Germany is aware of its commitments in Article 15 of the Protocol on the Accession of China to the WTO and stands ready to push forward consultations between the European Commission and China in order to come up with a solution that not only is consistent with WTO rules but also handles economic and trade problems properly. The German side hopes that the EU-China Leaders' Meeting this year can boost EU-China relations to a new level.

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