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Li Keqiang Holds Telephone Talks with Prime Minister Manuel Valls of France, Talking about China-France Relations as well as Practical Cooperation

On May 12, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang held telephone talks with Prime Minister Manuel Valls of France, exchanging views on further deepening China-France relations and advancing bilateral practical cooperation in many areas.

Li Keqiang pointed out that last year we exchanged successful visits, during which China-France strategic mutual trust was consolidated and bilateral practical cooperation continued to walk in the forefront of that between China and EU members, especially with new progress in cooperation in such areas as nuclear power, aviation and finance. We are willing to, together with France, continue to further well implement the various consensus reached by both sides from a strategic height and a long-term perspective so as to elevate China-France relations as well as cooperation to another new level.

Li Keqiang emphasized that the third-party market cooperation jointly advocated by China and France is a strategic choice made by both countries on the basis of mutual trust and complementary advantages. So far, both sides have achieved positive progress in mutual fund, cooperation mechanism, first-approved projects and other aspects. We are willing to make joint efforts with France to promote the smooth commencement of relevant cooperation, jointly explore third-party market in various areas including nuclear power and constantly expand cooperation areas and scale so as to realize mutual benefit and multi-win result.

Li Keqiang expressed that since the beginning of this year, the Chinese economy has been running steadily within a reasonable range with several positive changes in economic structure. Against the background of sluggish recovery in world economy and multiple difficulties and challenges faced by China's economic transformation and upgrade, we will continue to stick to opening up and reform. We are confident that major goals in annual economic and social development will be achieved through endeavor. The long-term positive trend of China's economy remains unchanged, which will also be conducive to the advancement of China-France cooperation in third-party market and other fields.

Manuel Valls spoke positively of the sound development of France-China relations in the past year, and expressed that the French side feels much inspired by the consistent positive trend of China's economy promoted by the Chinese government. The current French economic situation is improving and its fundamentals are gradually consolidating, which will contribute to enhancing cooperation with China. The third-party market cooperation launched by France and China is a new cooperation model jointly initiated by both governments. France stands ready to, together with China, well implement reached consensus, give full play to complementary advantages and push for practical results from bilateral cooperation at an early date.

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