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Zhang Dejiang Meets with General Secretary of the LPRP Central Committee and President Bounnhang Vorachith of Laos

On May 4, 2016, Zhang Dejiang, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), met in Beijing with General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPRP) and President Bounnhang Vorachith of Laos.

Zhang Dejiang said China and Laos are a community of common destiny with strategic significance. Yesterday, General Secretary Xi Jinping and you reached consensus on the principles and policies of developing China-Laos relations for a period to come, drafting a bright blueprint of the development of China-Laos relations. Both sides should well implement the achievements of the talks between leaders of the two parties and two countries, firmly grasp the direction of the development of China-Laos relations, unswervingly boost practical cooperation in various fields, and comprehensively tamp the public opinion foundation of China-Laos friendship. Attaching importance to the sound cooperation with the Lao National Assembly, the NPC stands ready to maintain multi-layered exchanges, carry out in-depth communication in state governance, and strengthen cooperation in legislation and supervision, so as to promote the continuous development of China-Laos comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation.

Bounnhang Vorachith said the successful talks between General Secretary Xi Jinping and him yielded fruitful achievements. The new term of LPRP Central Committee, government and National Assembly of Laos will comprehensively inherit and carry forward the traditional friendship between Laos and China, so as to push forward the development of Laos-China relations to bring more benefits to peoples in the two countries and the region.

Zhang Ping and others attended the meeting.

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