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Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg Meets with Yang Jiechi

On April 15, 2016, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg met at the Grand-Ducal Palace with State Councilor Yang Jiechi.

Henri asked Yang Jiechi to convey his warm greetings and best wishes to President Xi Jinping. Henri expressed that Luxembourg-China relations enjoy a time-honored history and significant development in recent years. He has visited China many times and was impressed by China's tremendous development each time. Luxembourg and China have conducted fruitful cooperation in finance, air cargo and other fields. It is hoped that bilateral practical cooperation will continuously yield new progress. Henri congratulated Beijing on its successful bid for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics and hoped that Luxembourg and China will further enhance sports exchanges including winter sports.

Yang Jiechi conveyed President Xi Jinping's greetings to Henri. Yang Jiechi expressed that the royal family of Luxembourg has long been dedicated to China-Luxembourg friendship and played an important and positive role in promoting the development of bilateral relations. Luxembourg is China's important cooperative partner in the EU. Over the years, both countries have adhered to mutual respect, mutual trust and equality. In recent years, China and Luxembourg have made significant progress in economic and trade relations, and Luxembourg has become China's largest investment destination in the EU. The Belt and Road initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping will bring new opportunities for China-Luxembourg cooperation. The Chinese side stands ready to make joint efforts with Luxembourg to further enhance cooperation in finance, freight transport and other fields, and promote profound cooperation between air cargo enterprises from both countries while proactively advancing cooperation in emerging industries such as high-technology, green economy and modern service industry. Yang Jiechi expressed his gratitude to Luxembourg for supporting the Chinese side in hosting a successful 2022 Winter Olympics.

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