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Li Keqiang Holds Dialogue with Representatives from Sectors of Industry and Commerce, Finance, Think Tank and Media Attending the 2016 Annual Conference of Boao Forum for Asia

On the afternoon of March 24, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang held a dialogue with Chinese and foreign representatives from sectors of industry and commerce, finance, think tank and media attending the 2016 annual conference of Boao Forum for Asia (BFA). More than 150 personages from all sectors around the world were present.

Global Chairman of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu David Cruickshank of the US, Chairman of Toyota Motor Corp. Takeshi Uchiyamada of Japan, Chaiman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Li Shufu, Chairman of Eurasian Resources Group Alexander Masbkevitch of Kazakhstan, Founder of Headlines Today Zhang Yiming and Chief Editor of Bloomberg News Agency John Micklethwait of the US respectively expressed their views on the issues of the reform of Chinese state-owned enterprises, entrepreneurship and innovation, the transition from old to new driving force of Chinese economy, foreign economic cooperation, and how to view the current international system. Li Keqiang responded to their questions one by one.

Li Keqiang expressed that reform is the fundamental driving force for China's development. The Chinese government will unswervingly push forward reforms, actively promote the development of enterprises of different ownership, and create a market environment for fair competition, including streamlining the state-owned enterprises to improve their competence in the market competition as well as relaxing the restrictions on private enterprises and foreign-owned enterprises to enter the Chinese market. Nevertheless, delegating powers to lower levels does not mean allowing unrestrained freedom. The government will resolutely fight according to law against infringement of intellectual property rights, forged and fake commodities, and particularly those unlawful activities damaging public health and security. As for the recent illegal vaccine incident in some parts of China, we have made strict order to investigate thoroughly, and will take strong law-based actions to punish those committing crimes and illegal activities, and seriously punish the relevant liable parties. This, in fact, is providing opportunities of fair competition for those honest and law-abiding enterprises. There is no doubt that reforms will affect the interests of certain parties. But with the resolution of cutting arms to save the body, we will not hesitate to carry out actions that are conducive to the welfare of the people. We must stand by our words and must not stop our action until success is achieved.

Li Keqiang pointed out that currently the Chinese economy is standing at the turning point where the new growth impetus is replacing the old one. Once we choose our direction, we will hold on to that path. Through implementation of the strategy of innovation-driven development, we promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and develop new economic growth impetus. This has encouraged creativity of millions of people, boosted the emergence of new technologies, new industries and new type of business, and meanwhile rebuilt and improved the traditional growth impetus. Through such transition, the industry will "reborn on wings of fire". And the Chinese economy will also pass the threshold and stride forward to the medium-to-high end.

Li Keqiang stressed that as China has been deeply integrated into the world economy, it is not only the beneficiary of the international political and economic system, but also its participant and constructor. We hope that the world can achieve balanced development and increase the voice of developing countries at the same time, but it should be within the current international system rather than setting up a new framework. China's development is an important force in maintaining the world peace and promoting the world economic recovery. China is ready to make joint efforts with all countries around the world to create an international environment of peace, harmony and common development.

Representatives attending the conference expressed that China's economic development has made remarkable achievements and is playing an important role in the world economy. The Chinese government has made the right decision in the critical period of economic transition, which has already brought about outcomes. They are willing to further enhance cooperation, support and participate in China's development process, and grow together with Chinese economy.

Yang Jing and Zhou Xiaochuan attended the activity.

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