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An Open China:From Ningxia to the World
Speech by Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Inaugural Event of MFA Presenting Chinese Provinces for Ningxia

Distinguished Guests,

Good morning.

Today is the Day of Ningxia for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MFA). We are holding here the first event of MFA Presenting Chinese Provinces to the World. The province we present is Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region located in China's mid-west. We warmly welcome Party Secretary Li Jianhua and Chairman Liu Hui of the Autonomous Region and people of all sides from Ningxia.

At the outset, I would like to let you know why the MFA decides to host such events.

First of all, the MFA hopes to do a good job in serving the development of our country. China is still a developing country. Development remains the primary task of our party in governing and rejuvenating the country. To serve the aims of accelerating national development,smoothly realizing the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and furthermore realizing the Chinese Dream of great national rejuvenation, the MFA wants to create an even better external environment and foster more external resources for national development. China's development means the development of all provinces,regions and municipalities. Therefore, to offer our service to their development is a very important part of our efforts to work for development at the national level. That is why the MFA adopts this new measure to serve domestic development and step up cooperation between China and foreign countries.

Secondly, the MFA hopes to create conditions for the opening up of localities. Reform and opening up is instrumental to China's development and progress and is our basic state policy. With implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan, China will open still wider to the world at a quicker pace. If in the past decades the southeastern coastal areas were the pioneers of China's opening up, then along with the all-round advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative called for by President Xi Jinping,the central and western part of the country are becoming new frontiers of opening up. The MFA wishes to use our strengths and resources to contribute to China's opening up, particularly the opening up of the central and western regions.

Thirdly, the MFA hopes to build a platform for diplomatic missions to know more about this country that has a vast territory of 9.6 million square kilometers and a rich civilization of 5,000 years. Each of its provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities has its own custom,strength and development plan. And to know more of their development and China's realities is an important mission of diplomats in China. Therefore, the MFA establishes this platform to help foreign diplomats develop zero-distance contact from Beijing with governments and businesses of various provinces,regions and municipalities,to seek more effectively business opportunities and cooperation.


Distinguished Guests,

Ningxia is a region of very distinctive feature in mid-west China. As the documentary just showed, Ningxia lives up to the reputation of being the Oasis Beyond the Great Wall. A saying goes that the Yellow River under heaven enriches Ningxia. With the unfolding of the Belt and Road Initiative, today's Ningxia is a new name card of China's opening up. The China-Arab States Economic and Trade Forum and the China-Arab States Expo hosted by Ningxia have already become important platforms for the Belt and Road Initiative. I hope today's event will help ambassadors and diplomats in China know more about a real,dynamic Ningxia with bright prospect of development. I also hope that diplomats and businesses of all countries can carry out more exchanges and cooperation with Ningxia. As a follow up of this event, we will invite foreign diplomats and friends in the media to visit Ningxia.

We are also prepared to hold similar events in the future to present other Chinese provinces to the world.

Today's leading actor is not me,it is Ningxia. "The Lanting Hall sets the stage ready for Ningxia. " Thank you.

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