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Wang Yi Meets with Former Deputy Secretary of State of US and Former President of the World Bank Robert Bruce Zoellick

On February 25, 2016 local time, when paying an official visit to the US, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Washington D.C. with former Deputy Secretary of State of the US and former President of the World Bank Robert Bruce Zoellick, exchanging views on China-US relations under the current international situations.

Wang Yi spoke positively of Robert Bruce Zoellick’s efforts for positive development of China-US relations. He stressed that the two countries are embracing increasing common interests and the sectors they can and should cooperate in are becoming more and more extensive. China and the US are not opponents but long-term cooperative partners. The two sides should join efforts to actively expand cooperation and continuously turn their friction points into cooperation fields. Wang Yi introduced upon inquiry China’s economy and China’s stance on such issues as the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and the South China Sea issue.

Robert Bruce Zoellick expressed that under the current situations, it is very important to keep a stable development of US-China relations in all fields. Both sides should further enhance communication and coordination on major international and regional hotspot issues, earnestly manage and control divergences and actively tap cooperation potentials. Bilateral cooperation is of important influence to the world.

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