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Li Keqiang Attends Closing Ceremony of the China-Russia Youth Friendly Exchange Year and Opening Ceremony of China-Russia Media Exchange Year with Prime Minister Dmitry Medevedev of Russia, Expressing That Youth and Media Friendly Exchanges Should Be Enhanced to Pass Down China-Russia Friendship from Generation to Generation

On the evening of December 17, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Dmitry Medevedev of Russia together attended at the Great Hall of the People the closing ceremony of the China-Russia Youth Friendly Exchange Year and the opening ceremony of the China-Russia Media Exchange Year and delivered a speech respectively.

In his speech, Li Keqiang spoke highly of the complete success of the China-Russia Youth Friendly Exchange Year and congratulated on the new journey to be embarked on by the China-Russia Media Exchange Year. He said that China and Russia are both old and young with profound historical and cultural accumulation and a spirit to change to be strong. The closing ceremony of the China-Russia Youth Friendly Exchange Year is not an end but a new starting point of China-Russia friendship, in which the media plays an important role. The "Chinese Makers" in the micro film series "Hello, China" produced by China won good comments from various sectors in Russia and was seen by over one hundred million people, fully demonstrating the common aspiration of the two peoples for communication and exchanges and for sharing their respective experience.

Li Keqiang noted that if youth is compared to the most active "cells" in the body of society, then the media is the most sensitive "nerve" reflecting the changes of times as well as the most prompt and effective path and bridge for bilateral youth exchanges and heart to heart communication between the two peoples. It is hoped that the media friends of the two countries will deepen their understanding to the other's national conditions and culture, push both peoples to further deepen communication and understanding, and send out a clear signal that China and Russia join hands to advance all-round cooperation and safeguard regional stability and global peace, so as to boost communication of feelings of both peoples and make bilateral friendship pass down from generation to generation.

Dmitry Medevedev said that Russia-China Youth Friendly Exchange Year offers an important opportunity for the two countries especially their youths to enhance communication and understanding and has accumulated huge potentials for the development of Russia-China relations. It is hoped that the media friends of both countries will actively participate in the events related to the media exchange year and provide more high-quality public products to enhance the sincere friendship in the bottom hearts of the two peoples.

Vice Premier Liu Yandong and Deputy Prime Minister Olga Yurievna Golodets of Russia attended the event.

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