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Li Keqiang and Leaders Attending Prime Ministers' Meeting of SCO Member States Together Visit Urban Construction, Stressing to Explore Development Potential and Maneuver Space of China's Central and Western Regions and Open up Broader Prospects for New-type of Urbanization Cooperation

On the afternoon of December 15, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang and leaders attending the 14th meeting of Prime Ministers of Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) jointly visited the urban construction achievements of Zhengdong New District of Zhengzhou City.

Under the clear sky of winter, the orderly-arranged buildings in Zhengdong New District are gleaming. Li Keqiang and the leaders together went to the Ruyi Lake outside of the meeting venue. Li Keqiang introduced that Zhengdong New District where we stand now was a barren land before urbanization. After a decade of construction and development, the place has become a new city which integrates business, finance, residence and other functions and accommodates about one million people, serving as a vital central business district in Zhengzhou City and China’s central plain region at large.

Li Keqiang pointed out that urbanization serves as the biggest domestic demand of China and China’s central and western regions have huge potential and maneuver space for development. We will, based on the method of reform and spirit of innovation and in accordance with rules, promote the people-oriented new-type of urbanization so as to expand effective demand, bring strong impetus to keeping China’s economy developing at a medium-to-high speed and pushing it toward a medium-to-high level, and offer new market opportunities for deepening China’s cooperation with other countries. China will expand new-type of urbanization cooperation with the SCO member states and observer states so as to jointly write a new chapter for all countries deepening cooperation with China, especially with China’s central and western regions, to realize mutual benefits and win-win results.

The leaders expressed that China’s economic and social development is remarkable and the construction of new-type of urbanization is forward-looking and promising and contains considerable cooperation opportunities. Relevant countries will link their demands with China’s construction of new-type of urbanization and others to deeply push for new progress in their mutually beneficial cooperation with China’s central and western regions.

State Councilor Yang Jing attended the event.

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