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Xi Jinping Meets with President Francois Hollande of France

On November 29 local time, President Xi Jinping met in Paris with President Francois Hollande of France.

Xi Jinping pointed out that President Francois Hollande paid his second successful state visit to China earlier this month, and we jointly released the Joint Statement of Heads of State of China and France on Climate Change and reached numerous new consensus on promoting better and faster development of bilateral relations. Looking into the future, the two sides should maintain high-level political dialogues, earnestly implement the agreed major cooperation projects and essential cooperative agreements and forge new cooperation highlights. The two countries should mobilize the initiative of respective local governments in cooperation and carry out various forms of exchange activities in sectors including economy and trade, culture, science and technology, education and tourism so as to consolidate the public support for bilateral relations. China will host the G20 Summit in 2016, and stands ready to keep close communications with France to together ensure the summit a success while strengthening strategic coordination and cooperation on global economic governance.

Francois Hollande expressed that his state visit to China at the beginning of this month was very fruitful. Both sides should actively implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, promote cooperation in areas such as investment, economy and trade and nuclear power in an in-depth way and encourage closer exchanges between the two peoples. France supports China in hosting the G20 Summit next year, and is willing to conduct close coordination with China on major international and regional issues.

Xi Jinping expressed his appreciations to the French government for the efforts it has made in preparing for the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in Paris. Xi Jinping emphasized that during my current attendance at the conference in Paris, I hope to express to the international community that China steadfastly supports France to hold the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris successfully and firmly supports the conference to conclude an international agreement applicable to all contracting parties. I hope that the conference outcomes will embody the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities (CDR) and construct a global mechanism coping with climate change beyond 2020, and that the conference process will reflect openness and justice and pool consensus.

Francois Hollande noted that he warmly welcomes President Xi Jinping's attendance at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, which manifests China's strong determination to promote the conference to conclude an agreement as scheduled. He totally agrees on President Xi Jinping's proposition on the conference outcomes. During his visit to China at the beginning of this month, the joint statement on climate change made by the two heads of state laid an important foundation for the success of the conference. France is willing to continue to maintain communication and coordination with China to jointly promote the conference for a complete success.

Xi Jinping once again extended condolences to France on the series of terrorist attacks in Paris which caused heavy casualties. Francois Hollande expressed his appreciation for that.

The two sides also exchanged views on regional hotspot issues of common concern.

Yang Jiechi and others attended the meeting.

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