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Xi Jinping Attends Opening Ceremony of Climate Change Conference in Paris and Delivers Important Speech, Stressing to Enhance Confidence, Pool Efforts and Join Hands to Build Cooperative, Win-win, Fair and Reasonable Climate Change Governing System

On November 30 local time, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the Climate Change Conference in Paris and delivered an important speech entitled "Join Hands to Build Cooperative, Win-win, Fair and Reasonable Climate Change Governing System", stressing that all parties should show sincerity, enhance confidence and pool efforts to promote the establishment of a fair and effective global system to tackle climate change, achieve higher-level sustainable development worldwide and build international relations of win-win cooperation.

At about 9:25 am local time, Xi Jinping arrived at Le Bourget Exhibition Centre. President Françios Hollande of France and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations welcomed him at the parking place.

Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech that the Paris Conference should reinforce the implementation of the "United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" and reach a comprehensive, balanced, powerful and binding climate change agreement. The Paris agreement should focus on strengthening post-2020 global actions on tackling climate change and injecting impetus to promote sustainable global development. The agreement should conduce to realizing the objectives of the Convention and effectively controlling the rising of the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases so as to lead green development. It should conduce to pooling global forces, encouraging extensive participation and raising public awareness. It should conduce to increasing investment and enhancing guarantee for actions. The developed countries should implement their commitments, provide stronger financial support to the developing countries and transfer climate-friendly technologies to the developing countries. It should conduce to accommodating the conditions of all countries and seek practical and effective results. Tackling climate change should not hinder the reasonable demands of the developing countries to eliminate poverty and improve people's living standards.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the Paris agreement is not an end but a new starting point. Global efforts in tackling climate change bring us valuable inspiration in considering and exploring models of future global governance and promoting the establishment of a community of common destiny for mankind. We should create a future with all contributing their best for win-win cooperation, pursuing the rule of law for fairness and justice and promoting inclusiveness, mutual learning and common development. The Paris Conference should promote more sharing and more bearing of responsibilities of all countries and especially the developed ones to achieve reciprocity and win-win results. It should ensure effective compliance with and implementation of the international rules, adhere to democracy, equality and justice, build international rule of law, and abide by the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities. It should allow all countries to seek solutions most suitable for their own national conditions.

Xi Jinping stressed that China has always been an active participant in the global cause of tackling climate change, and has now become the world's largest country in energy conservation and the utilization of new energy and renewable energy. China will implement the development concepts of innovation, coordination, environment protection, opening up and sharing to form a new pattern of modernization construction featuring harmonious development of man and nature. Although it takes arduous efforts to achieve the goals China put forward in its "Intended Nationally Determined Contributions", we have the confidence and determination to fulfill our commitments. The Chinese government earnestly implements its promises in South-South cooperation policies in the field of climate change, announced this September to set up China's South-South Cooperation Fund on Climate Change, will continue to promote international cooperation next year in aspects such as clean energy, disaster prevention and relief, ecological protection, climate resilient agriculture and the construction of low-carbon smart cities, and helps the developing countries improve their financing capacity.

At last, Xi Jinping stressed that tackling climate change is a common cause for mankind. Let us join hands and contribute to establishing a fair and effective global system to tackle climate change, achieving higher-level sustainable development worldwide and building international relations of win-win cooperation.

Leaders of about 150 countries attended the opening activities of the Climate Change Conference in Paris. The participating leaders said that as a common challenge facing mankind, climate change affects our future and requires the joint efforts of all parties. The Climate Change Conference in Paris provides an important opportunity for the world to jointly tackle climate change. To make the Paris Conference a success, we should ensure that the Conference reaches a comprehensive, balanced, powerful and binding agreement. All countries should expand investments in fields such as clean energy and low carbon economy and formulate ambitious emission reduction plans to slow down the process of climate change.

Yang Jiechi and others attended the Conference.

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