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Yang Jiechi Attends the 2nd Understanding China Conference and Delivers a Keynote Speech

On November 2, 2015, State Councilor Yang Jiechi attended the 2nd Understanding China Conference and delivered a keynote speech titled "Building a New Type of International Relationship and Jointly Creating a Bright Future for the World".

Yang Jiechi noted that when attending a series of UN summits not long ago, President Xi Jinping called for the international community to build a new type of international relationship with win-win cooperation at its core, and proposed the important notion of "Five in One" to build a community of common destiny for mankind. Aforementioned ideas not only root in the extensive and profound Chinese culture, but also accord with the current trend of times, and will surely exert far-reaching influence on the development of state-to-state relations. Under the new situation, China is willing to, together with all other countries in the world, forge a global partnership network, actively promote the common and sustainable development of all countries, strive for the democratization and legalization of international relations and jointly cope with hotspot issues as well as global challenges, so as to write a new historical chapter for the relationship between China and the world.

Over 200 people, including renowned global statesmen, such as former presidents or former prime ministers of 16 countries, strategists and business leaders, as well as heads of central and local governments and think tank scholars in China, attended the conference.

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