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The Second China-Japan High-level Political Dialogue Held in Tokyo

On October 13, 2015, State Councilor Yang Jiechi co-hosted in Tokyo the second China-Japan high-level political dialogue with Secretary General Shotaro Yachi of the National Security Secretariat of Japan at invitation. Both sides expressed their willingness to make good use of the high-level political dialogue channel so as to continuously play its positive role in constantly improving bilateral relations.

Yang Jiechi expressed that since the beginning of this year, with the joint efforts of both sides, the China-Japan relationship is generally heading towards the direction of stable improvement. The Chinese side attaches importance to its relationship with Japan, and will keep dialogue contacts with Japan and continuously improve and develop China-Japan relationship on the basis of the four political documents between the two countries in the spirit of reviewing the history and looking into the future.

Yang Jiechi noted that it is hoped that the Japanese side can adhere to its commitments, pursue a positive policy towards China, meet China half way, earnestly implement the four-point principled agreement between China and Japan in handling and improving bilateral relations and properly handle major sensitive issues in history, military security and the like. Meanwhile, the Chinese side will work with the Japanese side to steadily advance bilateral practical cooperation in economy and trade, expand new growth points in cooperation and further enhance bilateral friendly exchanges in people-to-people and cultural field.

Shotaro Yachi said that currently, the Japan-China relations are improving in general, the communication between political parties, parliaments, regions and economic circles of the two countries is resuming gradually and bilateral personnel exchanges are continuously increasing. The Japanese side spoke positively of this. Japan will stick to the four-point principled agreement and continue to pursue the path of peaceful development, and will strengthen dialogue and coordination, expand exchanges, enhance political mutual trust and people-to-people friendship with China to maintain the momentum of further improvement in Japan-China relations.

Both sides also exchanged views on international and regional issues of common concern.

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