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Liu Yandong Chairs and Addresses 3rd Meeting of China-UK High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism in London

On September 17 local time, the 3rd meeting of China-UK High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism was held in London. Vice Premier Liu Yandong and Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt of the UK co-chaired and addressed the meeting.


Liu Yandong expressed that with the joint efforts of both sides, the China-UK people-to-people and cultural exchanges have been continuously deepened with the tendency of branding, institutionalization and normalization. Acting as a booster of friendship between the two peoples, it has played an irreplaceable role in promoting the development of China-UK relations. President Xi Jinping will soon pay a state visit to the UK at invitation, which will become an important milestone in bilateral relations. Standing at a new historical starting point, the China-UK relations require comprehensive upgrading of people-to-people and cultural exchanges that can exercise mutual promotion and sound interaction with political mutual trust and cooperation in economy and trade so as to pave the way and pool energy for the expansion of common interests between the two countries.

Liu Yandong expressed that we should enhance the top-level designing and systematic planning from a historical and strategic perspective and give emphasis to both governmental and non-governmental vehicles, take root in the people and embrace common people so as to make people-to-people and cultural exchanges more popular, diverse and regular. We should expand the breadth and depth of educational cooperation, lift innovative cooperation up to a strategic level, make the creativity industry an important growth point in cultural cooperation, work in tandem to cope with challenges facing human health, build up public-oriented media cooperation platforms, improve long-term sports cooperation mechanism, expand the scale of tourism cooperation and promote youth exchanges and local cooperation so as to carry on the China-UK friendship from generation to generation and further benefit the common people.

Jeremy Hunt expressed that since the establishment of UK-China High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism three years ago, bilateral cooperation in fields including education, science and technology, culture, media, sports, health care, tourism, youth and local affairs has been endowed with increasingly richer content and more remarkable achievements, which has enhanced mutual understanding between the two peoples and manifested significant potential for further expansion and deepening. The UK side expects to work with the Chinese side to continuously advance the construction of this important mechanism.

Liu Yandong and Jeremy Hunt jointly signed the Joint Statement of the Third Meeting of China-UK High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism and witnessed the signing of cooperation agreements in relevant fields.

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