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Liu Yandong Attends China-UK Innovation Forum and Delivers Keynote Speech

On September 18 local time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong attended the China-UK Innovation Forum under the accompany of First Minister Carwyn Jones of Wales and delivered a keynote speech.

Liu Yandong said that innovation is a distinctive endowment of the Chinese nation. Over the past 66 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially during the past 37 years since China's reform and opening-up, China has based itself upon its national conditions and development requirements, learned from advanced experience of the countries including the UK, and vigorously pursued the strategy of rejuvenating China through science, education and talent cultivation. China's innovativeness has been greatly enhanced, giving powerful support to its 30-odd years of rapid economic growth, and making significant contributions to world economic development. It can well be said that China's reform and opening-up in itself is a massive and unprecedented innovative event. We have finished in only a few decades a development journey that took developed countries hundreds of years to traverse.

At present, China's economic development has entered a new normal and presented new characteristics of speed change, structural optimization and dynamic transformation. In order to help the 1.3 billion people enter into modernization and realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, innovative development is the fundamental way out. The Chinese government puts innovation at the core of its overall national development, implements the innovation-driven development strategy in an in-depth manner, vigorously pushes forward comprehensive innovation, which is centered on scientific and technological innovation, strives to increase the contribution of scientific and technological progress to economic and social development, advocates mass entrepreneurship and innovation, deepens the reform of the scientific and technological system, and vigorously promotes international cooperation and exchanges.

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