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Liu Yandong: "Youth + Innovation" Generates Unlimited Energy

On September 17 local time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong attended and gave a speech at the closing ceremony of the 5th China-UK Young Leaders Roundtable in London.

Liu Yandong stated that the theme of the 5th China-UK Young Leaders Roundtable is "Building China-UK Partnership in Entrepreneurship and Innovation", which complies with the trend of the times and embodies the distinctive feature of the deepening cooperation between the two sides. Youth is the most dynamic and innovative group, and "Youth + Innovation" can generate unlimited energy. Youth is the hope of a country and a nation, as well as the master of the future world. It is hoped that young people have the courage to pioneer in innovation and entrepreneurship, learn from each other to carry forward China-UK friendship, and look into the future to become defenders of world peace.

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