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Wang Yang and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin of Russia Hold Chairmen Meeting of Committee of China-Russia Prime Ministers' Regular Meeting

On July 6 local time, Vice Premier and Chairman of Committee of China-Russia Prime Ministers' Regular Meeting on the Chinese side Wang Yang met with Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and Chairman of Committee of China-Russia Prime Ministers' Regular Meeting on the Russian side Dmitry Rogozin in Irkutsk.

Wang Yang noted that the current China-Russia political relations and cooperation in all sectors have reached an unprecedented high level. The two nations enhancing cooperation in economy and trade and achieving mutual benefit and win-win result not only conduces to their respective economic development but also contributes to global economic recovery and growth. The main tasks of this meeting are to implement the important consensus reached by President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin of Russia in Moscow this May, prepare for the upcoming meeting between the two heads of state in Ufa and their meeting in Beijing this September, and make good preparation for the 20th Prime Ministers' Regular Meeting at the end of this year.

Wang Yang pointed out that in order to further advance China-Russia cooperation in economy and trade, both sides should join efforts to optimize trade structure, foster new growth points of trade in such fields as civil aviation materials, space technology and nuclear equipment while keeping the trade scale of such staple commodities as energy and resources, improve the facilitation of trade to create favorable environment of bilateral trade development, innovate trade channels and encourage the development of new business models such as cross-border e-commerce to reduce the operation cost of the enterprises, boost cooperation in finance, expand cooperation in bilateral local currency settlement and bilateral currency swap, strengthen support to financing and insurance, guide the financial institutions of the two countries to launch quality financial products and push forward an increase of trade by expanding investment.

Dmitry Rogozin said that it is a priority for Russia's diplomacy to develop Russia-China comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination. At present, Russia-China relations are standing at the best period in history. The two nations enjoy mutual respect and understanding and take care of each other's interests and concerns. Russia and China enhancing cooperation not only conduces to the fundamental interests of the two peoples, but also helps the two countries play a more important role in international affairs. Russia is willing to, together with China, optimize trade structure, expand logistics channels, intensify financial cooperation, facilitate mutual investment, and strengthen cooperation in high-tech, aviation and space, nuclear energy and other fields, so as to push forward bilateral economic and trade cooperation to a new high.

Both sides also had in-depth discussion on China-Russia cooperation in a series of important sectors including trade, finance, nuclear energy, space, aviation, satellite navigation, cross-border infrastructure, information technology, science, technology and innovation. The two nations also agreed to accelerate the advancement of current major strategic projects, constantly expand cooperation in relevant fields, and continue advancing the institutional construction of cooperation between regions and departments of the two nations. Both also agreed to hold the second China-Russia Expo in Harbin in mid-October.

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