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Wang Yang Attends Symposium of China-Funded Enterprises in Brazil

On June 27 local time, Vice Premier Wang Yang attended the Symposium of China-Funded Enterprises in Brazil in São Paulo during his visit to Brazil.

Representatives of the enterprises present at the Symposium respectively introduced their business condition in Brazil, concerns and consideration for further development, expressing that they will grasp the development opportunity of China-Brazil relations to make contributions to the advance of China-Brazil cooperation.

Wang Yang expressed that in recent years, under the overall background of development of China-Brazil relations, the investment of Chinese enterprises to Brazil has seen rapid growth in its scale, continuous expansion in its fields and increasing improvement in its level, pushing China-Brazil investment and cooperation onto “a fast track”. China and Brazil boast a strong economic complementarity, with broad prospects for cooperation in production capacity, infrastructure, agriculture, energy and other fields. Relevant departments should energetically support the growth of Chinese enterprises in Brazil, accelerate the implementation of supporting policies for corporate financing, and endeavor to improve services to enterprises. Meanwhile, the enterprises should take a long view, forge ahead, foster the consciousness for the best and fulfill their social responsibility with good will, in a move to realize mutual benefit and win-win results of China and Brazil.

On the same day, Wang Yang inspected the Santos Port Project invested and constructed by China National Cereals Oils and Foodstuffs Corp (COFCO).

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