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Wang Yang and Yang Jiechi Meet with Chinese and US Entrepreneurs

On June 24 local time, Vice Premier Wang Yang and State Councilor Yang Jiechi, President Xi Jinping’s special representatives attending the seventh round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, and US President Barack Obama’s special representative Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew met with Chinese and US entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken of the US attended the meeting on behalf of Secretary of State John Kerry.

Wang Yang and Yang Jiechi said that the global economy is still undergoing deep adjustment and the basis of its recovery remains unstable. Both China and the US are accelerating agendas for domestic reforms, adjusting economic structure, ensuring employment and enhancing growth. Based on this, Chinese and the US enterprises enjoy broader fields of cooperation with more immense potential. Those enterprises are expected to seize the opportunities, give full play to entrepreneurship and innovation to forge more highlights in areas such as infrastructure, energy, environmental protection and urbanization, and make new breakthroughs in bilateral economic and trade cooperation and their own development. They are also expected to enhance exchanges, understanding and friendship between the two peoples through their own distinctive influence and to play a better role as a bridge and link in promoting the development of the China-US relations. At present, China is deepening reforms in an all-round way and expanding opening up, which will provide investors of various countries to China with an open and transparent legal and policy environment, an efficient administrative environment and a market environment of equal competition to invest and start business. Chinese enterprises’ investment in the US is burgeoning, which brings benefits to the US people and creates more jobs. We hope the US could, in a more open approach, provide a favorable environment for Chinese enterprises making business in the US. We believe China-US economic and trade cooperation will enjoy a brighter prospect with the efforts from enterprises of both countries and firm support from both governments.

Jacob Lew said that entrepreneurs play an important role in promoting US-China economic and trade cooperation and the development of the bilateral relations. Now the US and China are important trading and investment partners to each other, with China being the fastest-growing source of foreign capital of the US. Enterprises of both countries have continuously achieved new development in each other’s market, and have conducted close exchanges and cooperation with each other in fields such as technological innovation, market development and management experience. The US is ready to make joint efforts with China to promote cooperation between the entrepreneurs of both countries and provide a sound business environment for enterprises of both countries.

Entrepreneurs of both countries respectively introduced the development of their own enterprises and cooperation with enterprises of the other country, and expressed their willingness to make full use of the economic complementary advantages of China and the US, give play to each other’s own edges and continue to expand cooperation and investment scale. They hoped both governments will continue to provide policy support for enterprises and create a sound legal and business environment.

Wang Yang, Yang Jiechi and Jacob Lew respectively elaborated on relevant policies and legal provisions on issues concerned by entrepreneurs of both countries. Wang Yang thanked the entrepreneurs of both countries for their comments and suggestions, and said that economic and trade cooperation is the “ballast” in the China-US relations. As to how much it weighs and whether it can guarantee the vessel of the China-US relations to march forward stably, the key lies in the efforts of entrepreneurs of both countries. It is the entrepreneurs who have the keenest sense to the market environment and most profound feelings towards economic changes. The development course of China-US economic and trade cooperation is one in which both governments and entrepreneurs constantly discover and solve problems and then improve relevant systems to promote closer cooperation. It is a right course on which we are now advancing.

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