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Liu Yandong Meets with Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry of the US

On June 24 local time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong met with Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry of the US in Washington D.C.

Liu Yandong expressed that the mechanism of China-US High-level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE) has played an important role in enhancing mutual trust, friendship and cooperation between the two peoples. In recent years, development of China-US people-to-people and cultural exchanges has deepened constantly and yielded fruitful results. In future, we should further strengthen and improve the construction of the CPE mechanism, enhance the top-level design, pay attention to implementation of projects and make plans for future cooperation so as to further reinforce cooperation in education, science and technology, culture, sports, women, youth, health care and other areas. The Chinese side is ready to continue to vigorously promote people-to-people and cultural exchanges with the US side so as to lay a solid foundation of society and public opinion for the long-term, sustained, sound and stable development of China-US relations.

John Forbes Kerry expressed that US-China people-to-people and cultural exchanges yielded fruitful results last year. It is believed that US-China people-to-people and cultural exchanges, especially exchanges between the youths, are essential to enhancing understanding, mutual trust and friendship between the two peoples. The CPE mechanism is promising with broad development prospects. Both sides should fully tap potential and constantly improve the mechanism.

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