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Zhang Gaoli Meets with President Vladimir Putin of Russia and Chairs the Second Meeting of the China-Russia Investment Cooperation Committee

On June 18 local time, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli met with President Vladimir Putin of Russia in St. Petersburg.

Zhang Gaoli first conveyed the kind regards and best wishes from President Xi Jinping. Zhang Gaoli said that last month President Xi Jinping successfully attended the commemorations marking the 70th anniversary of Russia’s victory in the Great Patriotic War and visited Russia, during which he clarified new goals and requirements together with President Vladimir Putin for expanding and deepening all-round cooperation between the two countries under the new circumstances, injecting fresh and strong impetus into the further development of China-Russia relationship. The goal of my visit this time is to implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state and prepare for President Xi Jinping’s attendance at the Ufa Summits of BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to be held in early July and for the 20th meeting between Chinese Premier and Russian Prime Minister.

Zhang Gaoli expressed that following the principles of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness, the Chinese side has conducted all-round practical cooperation featuring equality, mutual benefit and win-win results with the Russian side, which is of great significance for the peace and development of both countries and even the whole world. The two sides should fully implement various cooperation agreements they have reached to benefit the two countries and peoples, step up cooperation to connect the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the construction of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), set up a working mechanism as soon as possible to discuss specific areas and cooperation projects for the connection, and actively promote large-scale projects, including the Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway and the joint development of long-range and wide-body airplanes, so as to push bilateral investment and cooperation with more large-scale projects. The two countries should promote all-round cooperation in finance, coordinate in advancing the East- and West-Route gas pipelines, and strive to expand bilateral trade. The existing cooperation mechanisms should be fully utilized so as to constantly make new achievements in China-Russia practical cooperation and make new contributions to the development of China-Russia relationship.

President Vladimir Putin asked Zhang Gaoli to convey his warm greetings to President Xi Jinping. Vladimir Putin said that he welcomes Zhang Gaoli and the delegation of the Chinese government led by him to attend the 19th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia. Russia and China have continuously scored new achievements in economic cooperation and conducted increasingly close cooperation in international affairs, which have injected new impetus into the development of bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination. He looks forward to President Xi Jinping's attendance at the Ufa Summits of BRICS and SCO in Russia in early July and will head to China at the beginning of September to attend the activities commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and in the World Anti-Fascist War. The Russian side stands ready to continue to strengthen comprehensive cooperation with China in politics, economy and trade, people-to-people and cultural exchanges, high technologies, infrastructure construction, international affairs and other areas, and actively advance cooperation on the connection of the construction of the EAEU and Silk Road Economic Belt.

On the same day, Zhang Gaoli also co-chaired the second meeting of the China-Russia Investment Cooperation Committee with First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov of Russia. Zhang Gaoli expressed that since the intergovernmental cooperation mechanism between China and Russia was officially launched last September, scope of bilateral investment cooperation has been expanding continuously, with increasing projects and tangible results. On the basis of the 32 major projects adopted in the first meeting, the second batch of major projects have been affirmed in the meeting as well. Both sides should focus on promoting the implementation of these projects and push the continuous development of China-Russia investment cooperation. Both sides should further put emphasis on the key areas in production capacity and investment cooperation and promote cooperation in such fields as infrastructure, equipment manufacturing, petrochemical engineering, building materials, mining, automobile and agriculture for new progress constantly. Both sides should take fiscal and financial cooperation as a key area to develop China-Russia practical cooperation, carry out such cooperation as domestic currency swaps, expanding domestic currency settlement and investment and financing of domestic currency. Both sides should strengthen policy exchanges, improve the efficiency of governmental examination and approval and promote trade and investment facilitation so as to create favorable conditions for expanding investment cooperation.

Igor Shuvalov expressed that the Russian side is willing to make joint efforts with the Chinese side to give full play to the role of the China-Russia Investment Cooperation Committee and actively promote bilateral practical cooperation in investment, finance, production capacity and other fields.

After the meeting, Zhang Gaoli and Igor Shuvalov signed the minutes of the meeting and witnessed together the signing of the Survey and Design Contract on the Moscow-Kazan High-speed Railway Project.

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