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Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland Visit an Irish Farm

On the afternoon of May 17 local time, during their stopover visit in Ireland, Premier Li Keqiang and his wife Mme. Cheng Hong visited Garvey's Farmhouse in Shannon in the company of Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland and his wife.

Upon their arrival, Li Keqiang and his wife were greeted by Enda Kenny and his wife at the entrance of the farm.

Garvey's Farmhouse is a typical Irish family-run farm with green grass and great vitality. It covers a total area of 107 hectares and focuses on cow-raising.

With great interest, Li Keqiang visited the cow farm, listened to the introduction carefully, and enquired in detail about the operations at the farm, such as cow-raising, agro-product processing and quality management and monitoring.

Then, the farm owners, Mr. and Mrs. Garvey, treated their guests from afar with homemade bread, cheese and milk in the living room. Li Keqiang and his wife as well as Enda Kenny and his wife gathered around the table to talk over tea. Li Keqiang said that husbandry is developed in Ireland with complete service standard and advanced management technology. As a large agricultural country, China is actively transforming the methods of agricultural development so as to promote agricultural modernization in an all-around manner. At present, as the living standard of Chinese people is constantly improved, they also raise the demand and expectation of the variety, quality and safety of agricultural products and food. China has become the fastest-growing export market of Ireland in this sector. The cooperation in husbandry has a promising prospect as China and Ireland are quite complementary in this field. In the future, China and Ireland can further tap the potential for cooperation to better bring benefits to their peoples.

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