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Xi Jinping Meets with Duke of Cambridge Prince William of the UK

On March 2, 2015, President Xi Jinping met with Duke of Cambridge Prince William of the UK at the Great Hall of the People.

Xi Jinping first welcomed Prince William's visit to China, asked him to convey the sincere greetings and best wishes to Queen Elizabeth II, and expressed that he is looking forward to visiting the UK within this year at the Queen's invitation to jointly blueprint the China-UK relations with the UK leaders.

Xi Jinping stressed that as major countries with global influence, China and the UK share extensive common interests and shoulder the important responsibility of promoting world peace and development. At present, the two countries enjoy a sound relationship and their comprehensive strategic partnership is tracking on a fast lane for development. Bilateral trade volume has exceeded 80 billion USD and the UK is also a major destination of China's investment. The two countries constantly make new cooperative progress in finance, nuclear power, high-speed rail and other areas. This year marks the Year of Cultural Exchange between China and the UK, and as important representatives of the Eastern and Western civilizations respectively, China and the UK enhancing exchanges and cooperation will surely make positive contribution to world civilization.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the British Royal Family is very influential both in the UK and the world. The royal members have cared about and supported the development of China-UK relations for many years and made great efforts for bilateral exchanges and cooperation in such areas as trade, environmental protection as well as people-to-people and cultural engagement. China appreciates these and welcomes the royal members to visit China more often.

Prince William forwarded the invitation letter from Queen Elizabeth II to Xi Jinping, and said that the Queen invites President Xi Jinping to visit the UK and is earnestly looking forward to it. Prince William expressed that UK-China relations boast a time-honored history and he has a strong interest in China since an early age. In recent years, both countries witness a rapid development of the economic and trade relationship as well as active people-to-people and cultural exchanges. He will launch the Great Festival of Creativity in Shanghai and have a taste of the unique culture in Yunnan Province during his visit, which is of educational significance to him. He is willing to make his own efforts for bilateral friendly cooperation especially bilateral youth exchanges thus to make the youths of the two countries better understand each other and the world and advance bilateral relations.

Both sides also talked about the sports exchanges between the two countries with great interest. Xi Jinping said that Prince William loves football very much and China will learn from the UK and other world top teams. China and the UK made multiple fruitful attempts in football cooperation, and the Chinese Super League and the UK Premier League signed a letter of intent for cooperation in 2013. China and the UK will also hold a series of exchanges and events in martial arts, Qigong and so on, and I hope that you could contribute more to bilateral sports exchanges and cooperation in future.

Prince William expressed that he knows that President Xi is also a football fan and hopes that more Chinese players could play in the Premier League games in the UK. Both countries carried out sound cooperation in hosting the Olympic Games and it is hoped that they could continue intensifying cultural exchanges including sports.

Both sides also exchanged views on wildlife protection. Xi Jinping introduced China's policy and work in protecting wildlife such as elephant and expressed his hope to strengthen international cooperation in this field. Prince William highly appreciated China's efforts and expressed his hope that China could play a leading role in wildlife protection.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi attended the meeting.

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