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Li Keqiang Holds Talks with President Simonetta Sommaruga of the Swiss Confederation, Stressing to Uphold Mutual Respect, Pioneering Spirit, Innovation and Win-win Cooperation to Promote China-Switzerland Relations to a New High Together

In the afternoon of January 21 local time, Premier Li Keqiang held talks with President Simonetta Sommaruga of the Swiss Confederation in Davos.

Li Keqiang first conveyed the sincere greetings from President Xi Jinping to Simonetta Sommaruga. Li Keqiang expressed that the China-Switzerland relations witness constant and new progress under the joint efforts of both sides. This could be attributed to the principles of mutual respect, sincere treatment, equal cooperation and mutual benefit and win-win result that the two sides always uphold, which serve as the political foundation and prominent characteristics of China-Switzerland relations. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the bilateral diplomatic relationship, and the Chinese side is willing to, together with Switzerland, take this as opportunity to further consolidate political mutual trust and deepen practical cooperation, so as to advance China-Switzerland relations to a new high and better benefit the two peoples.

Li Keqiang pointed out that both sides should intensify high-level exchanges, strengthen dialogues, expand consensus and enhance mutual understanding and mutual trust. The two nations should also fully leverage the outcomes of the free trade, earnestly implement the free trade agreement (FTA) reached by the two sides, further optimize the bilateral trade structure, encourage and expand two-way investment, and deepen cooperation in high-end manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, modern agriculture and other fields, so as to effectively benefit the two sides and play a positive and exemplary role in China-Europe cooperation. Cooperation in finance should also be boosted. China welcomes Switzerland to participate in the internalization process of the RMB, supports the building of the offshore RMB market in Zurich, and stands ready to grant a RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) quota at an amount of 50 billion yuan to Switzerland. It hopes that Switzerland could provide convenience for China-funded banks in their establishment of branches in the country. People-to-people and cultural exchanges should also be expanded. Both sides should ensure the celebrations for the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship a success, boost exchanges and cooperation in culture, scientific technology, education, tourism, personnel training and other fields, and strive to create more facilitation for personnel exchanges between the two countries on the basis of the agreement on the mutual exemption of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic passports initially reached by both sides. Both sides will carry out more practical and effective cooperation in law-enforcement, deepen cooperation in such fields as repatriation and asset recovery and cracking down the cross-border crimes, and speed up the conclusion of the treaty on mutual judicial assistance in criminal matters. Communication and coordination in international affairs should be intensified continuously.

Simonetta Sommaruga said that with mutual understanding and trust and profound friendship, Switzerland and China enjoy fruitful dialogue and cooperation results in various fields and close exchanges between the two peoples. The year of 2015 is a significant year for Switzerland-China relations. Switzerland is ready to, together with China, take the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship as opportunity to further expand mutually beneficial cooperation and deepen friendship between the two peoples. Switzerland is willing to deepen cooperation with China in financial sector and build Switzerland into an offshore center for RMB business.

After the talks, the leaders of the two nations witnessed together the signing of the cooperation documents covering finance, food, pharmaceuticals, scientific research, personnel exchanges and other fields.

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