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Connect Development Strategy for Win-win Cooperation

On January 16, 2015, right after concluding his visit to the five African countries, Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave an interview to China Central Television (CCTV) in Kinshasa, expressing his views on the key ideas and direction for advancing China-Africa cooperation in the next stage.

Wang Yi said that Africa, a continent with most developing countries, is the foundation of China's diplomatic foundation. Therefore, China keeps a good tradition, that is, its foreign ministers always choose Africa as the destination of their first annual overseas visit, so as to enhance mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields including politics, economy and security. My African visit this time can be summarized in three key words:

First is connection. All the visited African countries have formulated their own medium and long term development strategies with a very clear goal, that is, they will dedicate to achieving real economic independence while cementing political independence already obtained. China is accelerating the advancement of the two "Centenary Goals" as well as the realization of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation, thus, our overall development direction is generally the same, which can absolutely be connected for mutual promotion. China-Africa cooperation is not only an important part of South-South cooperation, but also able to strengthen the overall strength of developing countries, so as to achieve a more equal and reasonable global balance of power.

Second is transfer. The development strategies of African countries in general are to advance economic diversification and realize industrialization. China is deepening economic transformation and upgrading with much quality excess production capacity as well as advanced equipment and technology waiting to be transferred. The production capacity, equipment and technology totally meet the needs of African countries, therefore, Africa can become one of the important areas to undertake them. During the process, we must effectively implement the correct viewpoint of righteousness and benefit proposed by President Xi Jinping to pursue righteousness and benefit simultaneously, and seek for win-win cooperation. We should strive to turn the China-Africa friendly tradition into the driving force for the common development of the two sides at an early date and translate human and natural resource potential in Africa into the strength for economic take-off and growth as soon as possible, making China-Africa cooperation benefit the African people in a constant way.

Third is upgrading. The new approaches and ideas in China-Africa cooperation provided important opportunities for upgrading bilateral cooperation. We hope to, with joint efforts of both sides, gradually upgrade bilateral general trade especially one-off purchases and sales to production capacity cooperation as well as technological transfer, and gradually upgrade contract work-oriented cooperation in tradition to investment and finance cooperation.

Wang Yi expressed that the concepts and ideas of the Chinese side have gained welcome and recognition from African countries, which are conducive to enriching the new connotation of China-Africa mutually beneficial cooperation and pushing for new development of the new type of China-Africa strategic relations. The sixth ministerial meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) will be held in South Africa this year, at which we will have a more in-depth discussion with African countries in this regard.

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