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Wang Yi: Hope that the "African Heart" Beats in a More Stable, Vigorous and Sustainable Manner

On January 15 local time, when meeting the press after holding talks with Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the request of the reporters that DR Congo, as a major African country with important influence, has abundant natural resources and strategic position. China attaches importance to the development of its relations with DR Congo and is willing to continuously explore new cooperation fields, tap new cooperation potentials, and open up new cooperation prospects on the existing sound relations gained so far. As a good friend of the people of DR Congo, China stands ready to earnestly translate the China-DR Congo traditional friendship into the driving force of common development, and turn the rich human and natural resources of DR Congo into the competency for its economic development as soon as possible, so as to help the African heart, DR Congo, beat in a more stable, vigorous and sustainable manner.

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