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Wang Yi: Development Is the Master Key to Solving All Problems

On January 15 local time, after holding talks, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met the press with Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda N'tungamulongo of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo), and expressed at request that peace and development are two major themes in today's world and also two tasks facing Africa. And both of them are mutually conditional and interacted. Without peace, development will be out of the question and without development, peace is unsustainable. For the vast developing countries such as China and African countries, development is fundamental, is the basis and is the master key to solving all problems. In this sense, only realizing sustainable development can help achieve lasting peace.

Wang Yi said that African countries, including DR Congo, are facing the future and actively exploring and implementing the strategies of industrialization and modernization. China is accelerating industrial transformation and capacity output. We are willing to better connect Africa's development strategy with China's dream of national rejuvenation and closely integrate China's capacity transfer with Africa's industrialization and modernization process. I hope that we will work together to effectively turn traditional friendship between China and Africa into the driving force of common development and transform at an early date Africa's rich human and natural resources into the strength of economic development and tangible outcomes which benefit the people of Africa. As the most reliable cooperative partner of Africa, we are willing to help Africa achieve sustainable development and improve its ability of self-development and are willing to help the African people live and work in peace and contentment and make more young people have access to education and obtain job opportunities so as to fundamentally eliminate the root of conflicts and turmoil.

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