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Wang Yi Holds Talks with Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

On January 15 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) in Kinshasa.

Wang Yi expressed that DR Congo boasts rich natural resources and important strategic position, playing a vital role in peace and security on the African continent. China always takes DR Congo as one of the priorities in its diplomacy toward Africa, an important partner and an important country in South-South cooperation. China always develops its relations with DR Congo from a long-term and strategic height. The practical cooperation between the two countries has achieved rapid development and a package of cooperation has made important contribution to the economic and social development of your country.

Wang Yi said that my visit is to show that China attaches great importance to its relations with DR Congo and will further advance bilateral friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation on the existing basis so as to create a new situation for bilateral relations. China is ready to maintain high-level mutual exchanges, enhance coordination and cooperation in international multilateral occasions such as the UN and earnestly safeguard the overall interests of both countries as well as other developing countries. China will work together with DR Congo to continuously boost a package of mutually beneficial cooperation and well address problems emerging in the cooperation process through friendly consultation, and at the same time explore new cooperation fields urgently needed by the country such as agriculture, mining and infrastructure and discuss new cooperation approaches. China and DR Congo are highly complementary in economy, and their development, as each other's opportunities, has their own advantages and needs. China is competent and capable to be the best cooperative partner of DR Congo and to realize common development of the two countries. China is also willing to expand people-to-people and cultural exchanges and continue strengthening cooperation in military, security and other fields with the country.

Raymond Tshibanda said that Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit once again proved the long-lasting and profound friendship between the two countries. DR Congo pays high attention to his visit and hopes to take this opportunity to push for new and important progress in bilateral cooperation. China's assistance to DR Congo is crucial to its national development, and multiple cooperation projects with China's assistance have become the symbol of bilateral friendship. At present, DR Congo is devoted to implementing the strategy of modernization revolution in order to transform its economy, and hopes to intensify cooperation with China in this regard. DR Congo hopes China continue increasing investment and play a greater role in supporting its economic reconstruction. DR Congo appreciates China's efforts in safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and hopes to further boost bilateral exchanges and cooperation in peace and security affairs.

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