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Wang Yi: Join Hands, and This World Will Be More Peaceful, More Just and More Wonderful

In the afternoon of January 14 local time, the government of Equatorial Guinea held a grand handover ceremony of the Foreign Ministry office building of Equatorial Guinea, which was constructed with China's assistance and aid. More than 200 people, including Foreign Minister Wang Yi who was visiting Equatorial Guinea, First Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, and a number of Cabinet members and envoys of various countries in Equatorial Guinea attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Wang Yi expressed extemporaneously that, the building constructed with China's assistance and aid has already stood here, and itself says it all. Also I want to tell you another two stories. In May, 2008, after the violent earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province in China, the people of Equatorial Guinea in the far West Africa empathized with us, and President Teodoro Obiang sent Foreign Minister to specially fly to the disaster area with donations and hand them to the masses there. This year is the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between China and Equatorial Guinea, so both sides agreed to hold celebration activities. Friends of Equatorial Guinea know that China is still a developing country with some poor mountainous areas, and they intend to donate and build a primary school for the mountainous area in Yunnan, China.

Here I do not want to talk about how much it would cost to build a primary school, nor do I want to say how much the building constructed with China's assistance and aid cost. What I want to tell you is that China and Equatorial Guinea are brothers. We always support each other and help each other. Especially, when one side encountered difficulties, the other side would surely lend a helping hand and give firm support. This is the friendship that we highly value. In the face of this friendship, any amount will mean little.

Some people may ask, why do you support each other? Because we are good friends. Some people will also ask, why you are good friends. Because we have the same view on the world and a lot of common interests to jointly safeguard. We all realize that if our two countries work together, if we join hands with other countries with a common goal, this world will be more peaceful, more just and more wonderful. This is what I want to say most here today, and is also the message I want to deliver to the African brothers and sisters.

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