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Wang Yi: Be Supporter, Builder and Promoter of China-Africa Friendship

On January 13 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, accompanied by Foreign Minister Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo and Minister of Higher Education Jacques Fame Ndongo of Cameroon, visited the Confucius Institute at the University of Yaounde II, receiving warm welcome from the teachers and students.

Wang Yi expressed that as a bridge, the Confucius Institute has consistently spread the friendship between China and Africa. Chinese education is the key to the door for youths to understand China. Youths are the future of a country, and Cameroonian youths studying Chinese here lays a better foundation for their devotion to China-Cameroon friendship and their beautiful life in the future.

Wang Yi said that I just asked Foreign Minister Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo why so many Cameroonian youths are willing to study Chinese, and he told me that because China is a major country and their good friend. The words were very plain and also very sincere. I was happy and touched by the words and felt more a responsibility. We should step up our efforts to let Cameroon youths not only know that China is a major country, but also feel that China is a responsible and friendly major country which is willing to share weal and woe and advance hand in hand with African friends. We will not only make over 8000 Cameroonian youths who are studying Chinese know that China is a good friend, but also let more and more youths of various African countries consider China as a good friend which they can trust, rely on and open hearts to. Therefore, starting from me, every one of us should be supporter, builder and promoter of China-Africa friendship and make unremitting efforts toward this goal.

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