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President Paul Biya of Cameroon Meets with Wang Yi

On January 13 local time, President Paul Biya of Cameroon met with visiting Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Presidential Palace in Yaounde.

Biya said that China is a great country with brilliant civilization of thousands of years and it constantly brings surprise to the world. With its constantly rising international status and influence, China has become a model of development for the world. He expressed his congratulations on that. Since the establishment of the diplomatic relationship, Cameroon and China have maintained positive, close and friendly relations and conducted fruitful cooperation in economic, social, technological and other fields. The Cameroonian side pays high attention to and is firmly committed to further strengthening friendly cooperation between the two countries, is willing to continue to firmly support China on major issues involving China's core interests, and hopes to focus on strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation with the Chinese side in infrastructure construction, processing, industrialization and other fields.

Wang Yi expressed that the Chinese side attaches great importance to the traditional friendship between China and Cameroon, and is willing to continue to consolidate political mutual trust, mutual support and mutual assistance with the Cameroonian side. We will earnestly implement the cooperation policy with Africa of “sincerity, real results, affinity and good faith” and the correct viewpoint of righteousness and benefits proposed by President Xi Jinping, uphold the concept of win-win cooperation, move and progress with the times, and constantly tap more potential for cooperation and promote mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields in accordance with Cameroon’s needs for development and China's own capacity. Your Excellency President proposed a development vision of “Becoming an Emerging Country by 2035” and China is accelerating its pace of national rejuvenation. Both sides can strengthen synergy between their respective development strategies to achieve common development and revitalization. China’s much high-quality production capacity is moving into the world, and we will encourage and support Chinese enterprises with competency and the will to invest and set up factories overseas to seek for development in Cameroon.

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