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Prime Minister Philémon Yang of Cameroon Meets with Wang Yi

On January 13 local time, Prime Minister Philémon Yang of Cameroon met in Yaounde with visiting Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Philémon said, he is proud of the Cameroon-China relations. The friendly cooperation between Cameroon and China has played a positive role in Cameroon's national development and enjoys extensive support from the Cameroonian people. The Cameroonian people consider China as the most reliable friend. The Cameroonian side hopes to continue to obtain assistance from the Chinese side and constantly strengthen bilateral cooperation in various areas.

Wang Yi said, China-Cameroon cooperation is a model for South-South cooperation and it shows the mutual support and assistance between developing countries. In line with the principle of mutual benefit with win-win results and in accordance with our own capacity and the needs of the Cameroonian side, the Chinese side will continue to provide assistance for Cameroon's economic and social development within its capacity. At the same time, China will actively discuss with Cameroon on how to better connect the respective development strategies of the two countries so as to further deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in infrastructure, industrial connection and other areas.

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