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Wang Yi: Seize the Opportunity and Meet Each Other Half Way to Achieve Peace

On January 12 local time, after attending the "Special Consultation in Support of the IGAD-led South Sudan Peace Process" in Khartoum, Sudan, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met the press with Tedros Adhanom, the rotating chair of the Council of Ministers of the IGAD and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, and Chairperson of the IGAD mediation team on the South Sudanese issue Seyoum Mesfin, introducing the details and achievements of the Special Consultation.

Wang Yi said that in order to respond to the expectation of African friends, I proposed to hold the "Special Consultation in Support of the IGAD-led South Sudan Peace Process" in Sudan during my visit in the country upon invitation. Five-point important consensus was reached after one-day intensive interaction and the just-concluded plenary, with which we are satisfied.

Wang Yi expressed that the Special Consultation is not to start another course but to focus on maintaining the peace process momentum in South Sudan, preparing for the IGAD Summit soon to be held and further clarifying the general direction in solving the South Sudanese issue and the basic principle by which all parties should abide. The Special Consultation fully realized the expected goals and sent a clear signal to the world that we support the mediation efforts of the IGAD on the South Sudanese issue, support both conflicting parties of South Sudan to conduct conscientious, serious and substantial negotiation as early as possible in order to solve several remaining important problems in a concentrative way, and back African brothers dealing with the African issues in an African manner. These are China's basic stances.

Wang Yi said that South Sudanese peace process has so far yielded hard-won results and we cannot allow it to be further delayed. With joint efforts of the IGAD and all other parties, we are close to achieve a peaceful solution to the South Sudanese issue. At present, the situation in South Sudan is at a crossroad. If both conflicting parties of South Sudan join hands and take one step forward bravely, they will embrace and attain peace. If they stall, peace will be farther and farther away. If they regress, the hope for peace will be shattered, and the South Sudanese people will be the first to be affected, which the international community and China, a good friend of the South Sudanese people, do not want to see. Therefore, we call on both conflicting parties to put the fundamental interests of the country and the nation in the first place, seize the opportunity, understand and accommodate each other and meet each other half way so as to achieve peace.

Both conflicting parties of South Sudan are one family and brothers and sisters. As a Chinese saying goes, "Disasters are never powerful enough to separate real friends. A Smile is all they need to eliminate the gratitude and resentment." We wish that this day will come soon. We hope that South Sudan, a new-born country, could constantly rise like the sun in the morning, and that the South Sudanese people could stay together to well construct their homeland and enjoy their due dignity as a sovereign country in the international arena.

Tedros Adhanom and Seyoum Mesfin both expressed their heartfelt thanks for China's proposal to hold the Special Consultation as well as its promotion for success of the Consultation. They expressed that China is true, reliable and the best friend of the African people. The five-point important consensus reached today is hard-won positive progress. Especially at the current crucial stage when South Sudanese peace process is still fragile, China's proposal and efforts are particularly timely and precious. They hope that the five-point consensus could be earnestly followed and becomes a new starting point for peace process of South Sudan. China, both as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and the second largest economy in the world, always supports the African people to solve the African issues in an African way, and has capability and political will to help Africa realize its peaceful dream. They expect and welcome China to play a greater and more positive role in peace and security affairs in Africa including the South Sudanese issue.

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