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Wang Yi Puts Forward China's Initiative on Promoting Peace Process in South Sudan

On January 12 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the Special Consultation in Support of the IGAD-led South Sudan Peace Process and delivered a keynote speech in Khartoum, Sudan, putting forward China's initiative on promoting peace process in South Sudan.

Wang Yi said that we gather here today for the peace in South Sudan. An early end of conflicts and realization of peace, stability and development in South Sudan are not only in line with the earnest expectation of the people in South Sudan, but also conform to the common aspiration of other regional countries and the international community. Our proposal to hold this consultation aims to support the IGAD and cheer for and inspire its mediation actions, so as to inject new impetus into the peace process in South Sudan.

Wang Yi noted that as a friendly country towards South Sudan and a responsible major country, China has always paid close attention to the situation in South Sudan and taken an active role in advancing its peace process. China is an active promoter and steadfast defender of peace in South Sudan. China always bears the long-term development of South Sudan in mind and takes the fundamental interests of all the South Sudanese people into account. The situation in South Sudan has come to a crucial moment, in which the survival and fate of the state and the fundamental interests of the people do not allow the conflicts to drag on any more. All parties must step up sense of urgency, put emphasis on the overall situation, take concrete and effective measures and properly solve the South Sudanese issue at an early date. China is willing to play a positive and constructive role to this end.

Wang Yi put forward four-point proposals. First, abandon the use of force and realize a comprehensive ceasefire. Both conflicting parties should realize an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire without any precondition with a view to safeguarding the realistic and long-term interests of South Sudanese people and maintaining the peace and stability in the region. Second, establish the transitional government as soon as possible. Both sides should seize the opportunity to step up efforts and show sincerity on the basis of the existing negotiation outcomes and in accordance with the principles of starting with easy things and seeking common ground while shelving differences and accelerate negotiations on forming a South Sudanese transitional government at an early date. Third, firmly support the IGAD to play the major mediator role. Meanwhile, the international community should continue to support and coordinate with the efforts of IGAD in mediating and supervising the ceasefire. Fourth, alleviate the humanitarian situation in South Sudan as soon as possible. The conflicting parties should make down-to-earth efforts to ease the grave humanitarian situation in conflicting zones and provide conveniences for international humanitarian access. The international community should step up assistance to effectively relieve the misery of the South Sudanese people. It is hoped that the conflicting parties could go all out to safeguard the safety of personnel and institutions of all countries in South Sudan, and protect important infrastructure that bears on the national interests and people's livelihood of South Sudan so as to create necessary conditions for future economic reconstruction and development in South Sudan.

Wang Yi expressed at last that China will continue to firmly stand side by side with the South Sudanese people, the IGAD and all African friends, and continuously work with all parties present at the meeting as well as the international community, so as to restore peace and stability in South Sudan at an early date, prevent all the families in the country from the threats of war and help all the children in the country grow up in the sunshine of peace.

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