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Wang Yi: Transform, Upgrade and Gear up China-Sudan Friendly Cooperation

On January 11 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi answered question from a journalist in Sudan on whether the weakening of China-Sudan oil cooperation will influence the relationship of the two countries. He said that China-Sudan relations are established on the basis of traditional friendship of the two peoples and common interests of the two countries, and are not confined to certain particular field. For a long time since the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between the two countries, Sudan did not dig out oil, but the two countries still supported and sincerely cooperated with each other. Surely, oil cooperation is a good thing which further promoted the development of the bilateral relations. However, even if oil cooperation meets obstacles, it will not jeopardize our bilateral relations, because China-Sudan relations are all-dimensional with cooperation in various fields and a solid foundation. Instead, changes of situations can make us step up efforts to discuss new cooperation approach and explore new cooperation fields such as agriculture development, processing and manufacturing. I am certain that we absolutely can continue to deepen new cooperation so as to transform, upgrade and gear up China-Sudan practical cooperation.

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