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Wang Yi: My Visit to Sudan Is a Trip of Support

On January 11 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti of Sudan together met the press after their talks.

Wang Yi expressed that Sudan now is at a crucial period of political and economic development. My visit to Sudan upon invitation can be called a trip of support.

First is to support the efforts of Sudan in safeguarding national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. We welcome the national dialogue proposed by President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir and are glad to see the success of the presidential and parliamentary election in Sudan. We believe that with joined efforts of all sides in the country, its political process will certainly yield positive results.

Second is to back the positive efforts of Sudan in overcoming its temporary economic difficulties. In traditional cooperation field, we are actively discussing with Sudan to ensure the sustained and stable development of cooperation in oil production. Meanwhile, we prefer to discuss new cooperation approaches and open up new cooperation fields with Sudanese friends. China appreciates and welcomes a series of positive suggestions put forward by Sudan such as carrying out agricultural cooperation and exploring cooperation in processing, manufacturing and mining. Sudan is known as the "world granary" and enjoys rich manpower. I believe that Sudan has huge development space and potential in agriculture, processing and manufacturing. We are willing to conduct mutually beneficial cooperation in such fields with Sudan within our capacities so as to benefit the Sudanese people as soon as possible, and help Sudan enhance employment, revenue and capacity for self-development and construct its own industrial system. We believe that these are bound to usher in new cooperation prospects.

Third is to support the efforts of Sudan in safeguarding regional peace and stability. South Sudan is still in turmoil, for which we are deeply concerned. South Sudan is an important neighbor of Sudan and also an important cooperative partner of China. Restoring stability in South Sudan at an early date is firstly in the interests of all the Sudanese people and also in line with common aspiration of regional countries including Sudan and China as well as the international community. China will stand side by side with regional countries to firmly support the mediation process of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), and hopes the peace efforts of the IGAD yield more positive results as soon as possible thus to bring peace to South Sudan at an early date.

Wang Yi expressed that this is my first visit to Sudan. Standing by the window, I overlooked the While Nile and the Blue Nile which gather together and flow into the ocean without ceasing. I can feel the time-honored history of the land, the tenacity of its people as well as the potential bright future ahead of them. I believe that as a country with long-lasting history and culture, Sudan will definitely conquer any difficulties and constantly move forward, and during this historical process, China will continue standing side by side with the Sudanese people as a good partner.

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